Carclew Futures 2019 Group on excursion to Port Adelaide

Carclew Futures

Carclew is pumped to have assembled a team of 10 young arts-munchers, aged 12-15, for the ground breaking child-directed arts funding project, Carclew Futures.

With generous support from the Commissioner for Children & Young People, Carclew is providing a tailored program of behind-the-scenes ‘investigations’ into understanding what it takes to create work: exhibitions; public performances; bespoke commissions and a variety of work in the arts field. Swarming across a diverse range of practice and budgets, the young team will undertake site visits and in-depth conversations with producers, curators, and arts funding advisers. The information they gather will greatly assist them as they work to collectively design full criteria and an application process for arts funding...because the true guts of this project is actually about entrusting young people to determine and distribute $10,000 of arts funding!

Our young team bring artistically varied passions and socially diverse considerations. They are aged between 12-15 and come from all directions across the Adelaide metropolitan and outer metropolitan ring.  Audrey Mason Hyde (13 years old) has been employed as the Peer Facilitator of our team alongside Lead Facilitator, Paul Mayers. Recently arrived from Manchester, UK, Paul is Senior Manager, Carclew Social Enterprise and brings an astounding level of facilitation expertise to this project. Rebecca Meston, Coordinator Carclew Funding Programs, will provide additional support to Paul, Audrey, and the young team, as they navigate the nitty-gritty of distributing public monies to artists.

This project starts with an intensive arts-blast journey to meet makers, talk with producers, absorb current work, and develop a deeper understanding of all the things that happen to make art happen.

People and organisations contributing their time, methodologies and hosting VIP excursions include:    Vivian Cooper/ ACE Open (Plenty exhibition); Susannah Sweeney/Dream Big Festival; Nancy Downes/FELTspace: (I think with my body); Nick O’Connor/Northern Sound System & Heaps Good Friends ;Lilla Berry/Of Desert & Sea; Alexis West/Collaborator, Playwright, Film Maker, Poet, Performer; Becci Love/MOD. gallery (Waging Peace exhibition); Michelle Ryan & Roz Hervey/Restless Dance (Zizanie); Jason Sweeney/Sound Artist, Screen Artist, Stage Composer, Film Composer, Musician; Claire Glenn/ SAYarts (Goddess on a Highway) and Georgie Brookman/State Theatre SA (Animal Farm);  Vans the Omega/Contemporary (street) artist and curator; Emma Webb/Vitalstatistix (We All Know What’s Happening).   


If you have questions, please contact:
Hannah Allert, Manager, Arts Programs,

Be part of the conversation:

If you had $10,000 to give to people creating original art, who would get it? How much would they get? Why would you give it to them?


Hero Image - from L-R (back) Seb, Bodhi, Valentina, Tilly, Hannah, Lola, Jess, Paul [mentor] (front) Polly, Audrey [mentor] Cleo |  Image credit - Daniel Marks Photography


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Arts Program Manager
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