Carclew Futures

Seeking kids who need their heads fed!

With support from the Commissioner for Children & Young People, Carclew has a project that is a game-changer for young people who love to discuss culture, art and the nitty-gritty of creative practice.

We are on the hunt for 10 curious young minds who want to bite into conversations about big ideas and creative expression.

Do you know (or are you) a kid who is arts-loving, debate-diving and enjoys big conversations about the purpose of creative ideas?

This project starts with an intensive arts-blast journey to meet makers, talk with producers, absorb current work, and develop a deeper understanding of all the things that happen to make art happen.

VIP excursions currently include Restless Dance (Zizanie), MOD. gallery (Waging Peace exhibition), Vitalstatistix (We All Know What’s Happening), ACE Open (Plenty exhibition), SAYarts (Goddess on a Highway) and State Theatre SA (Animal Farm).

We’re doing this considerable deep dive behind the scenes because the true guts of this project is actually about entrusting young people to determine and distribute $10,000 of arts funding!

If you had $10,000 to give to people creating original art, who would get it? How much would they get? Why would you give it to them?

This project is called Carclew Futures and if you are keen to be on the Carclew Futures team, get cracking: applications close this week!

Applying is simples! But first things first...

1. Are you aged 12 - 15 years?

2. Are you available for the following dates?

10am – 4pm Sat 2 & Sat 9 Feb:
team building & orientation COMPULSORY!

6 - 8pm every Tuesday, 12 Feb – 9 Apr AND 7 May - 11 June
Team sessions at Carclew and event excursions TBA

3. Are you able to travel to and from Carclew (North Adelaide) on the dates and times above?

If you answered a resounding YES to all of the above, we would love to hear from you.

How to apply

Step 1:
Prepare a 60-second video of yourself talking straight to camera, telling us who you are and why you want to be one of the Carclew Futures crew. Rough'n'ready is totally fine. Just something simple using a smart phone or tablet is great!

Step 2:
Provide your contact details and those of your parent/guardian on this online form. You'll also upload your video using this same form. Both you and your parent/guardian will receive a confirmation email that your application was successfully submitted.

Step 3:
Your parent/guardian will receive a follow up email between Monday 7 January and Monday 21 January 2019, confirming their permission for you to participate and detailing the fine-print terms and conditions.

Step 4:
Your parent/guardian submits their permission/confirmation.

And you're done!
Application deadline: MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 18 JANUARY 2019.

Selection criteria

We invite young people of all artistic interests, abilities, backgrounds and levels of knowledge to apply for Carclew Futures. However, we will assess applications based on the following criteria:

  • You are able to demonstrate that you’re enthusiastic, motivated and committed
  • You are genuinely interested in the arts, whether that’s performing arts, visual art, film and new media. We don’t care if you’re a maker or a consumer of this art, but the passion for it must be real.
  • You are an ideas-driven individual. You love hearing different points of view to your own and new stories, and are excited about exploring the world with fresh eyes.
  • You are keen on meeting new people, making new friends, learning from leaders and key makers in the Adelaide arts community and in having a big say on how some new artwork is about to get made
  • You’re able to think creatively, problem solve and aren’t afraid to leap outside your comfort zone and do some very exciting learning!

Carclew will be in touch with ALL applicants by Friday 25 January 2019.


Check out our FAQ page here.

If you still have questions, contact:
Rebecca Meston, Funding Programs Coordinator,


Contact Details

Rebecca Meston
Funding Programs Coordinator
08 8267 5111

Key Dates

  • Dec 21
    Jan 18
    Carclew Futures Applications open now


    A game-changer for young people who love to discuss culture, art and the nitty-gritty of creative practice.