Carclew Creativity in Schools | Cargo project in Roxby Downs 2008 Photo: Randy Larcombe

Creativity in Schools

Arts education is a key to training generations capable of reinventing the world that they have inherited
Irina Bokova, Former Director General UNESCO

Carclew has a rich and exemplary history in delivering creative education programs for learning in, and through the arts.

Creative participation is proving to have far reaching positive outcomes, including improving general capabilities in literacy, numeracy, personal and social capability, and critical and creative thinking.

We work across the whole curriculum in schools, and in communities across the state.

Creative classrooms - Carclew artists collaborate with teachers to provide professional learning to embed creativity in schools.

Cultivating communities - Carclew builds the capacity of students, teachers and schools to be celebrated as a vital part of their community.

Investing in artists - Carclew nurtures artists to develop creative approaches for meaningful learning experiences and rich curriculum outcomes.


Image: Carclew’s Cargo project in Roxby Downs 2008. Photo: Randy Larcombe

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