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Emerging Curators Exhibitions


Beyond all Disposition delineates the physical manifestation of internal dialogues for some of South Australia’s young and emerging artists, where their personal experiences within the world are able to be shared and inspire others.

City of Adelaide venues
22 May – 29 July
Open 9am - 5pm, Mon – Fri

Join us for the opening…
12 noon, Wednesday 22 May 2019
25 Pirie Street, Adelaide

1st Floor Gallery, Adelaide Town Hall
Christina Massolino
Tiana Belperio, Hannah Coleman, Anna Dowling, Chris Galimitakis, and Harrison Vial

Resilience is the result of strength in the face of adversity. Resilience is found in the protestors and rights’ activists, in survivors of abuse, in those who flee war and terror, in those who continue to push through when they are told they’re unworthy or unequal, and in anyone who has ever braced the inevitable hardships of life. Resilience is found in all of us and it presents in different ways, yet it always brings people together even though it is often the result of an internal or personal struggle.

This explores themes of strength and courage; qualities that are much needed to survive, particularly in our world of today where persecution against religion, sexuality, gender and race is still rampant. In this part of the exhibition, Beyond all Disposition aims to shed light onto the struggles felt by young Australians, where their very personal experience within the world can be shared and inspire resilience within others.

Mankurri-api Kuu, Reconciliation Room, Adelaide Town Hall
ChiChi Grasby
Artists: Mankitya Shane Cook

Through a combination of graffiti inspired street art and traditional Indigenous art, Mankitya Shane Cook explores what it means to be a contemporary Indigenous youth in Australia. Inspired by the concrete jungle of modern society, Cook examines how this existence can coexist alongside the history of his family lineage and their connection to this land. A conversation emerges about the existence of these two realities within one human, and the ways they can balance each other out through a constant process of push and pull.

Breezeway, 25 Pirie St
ChiChi Grasby
Artists: Maiah Stewardson, Keira Simmons

Is it performative art or naturalistic art that best reveals ‘Truth’ in cinema and sound? And, furthermore, is telling the truth inherently what art aims to do? These are questions that Maiah Stewardson and Keira Simmons aim to raise through Beyond all Disposition.

Visuals inspired heavily by the dramatization and cinematography of French surrealist cinema are juxtaposed alongside hand-held camera footage that speaks to naturalistic forms of documentation. The opposing approaches to film will exist in conjunction with a single soundscape, shifting and transforming to alter how the film elements are read by the audience.

Art Pod, 25 Pirie St
Jack McBride
Artist: Kathryn Ellison

Have you ever wondered about the connection between our subconscious and our actions? Or perhaps considered which emotional, mental, and spiritual states have the power to control our actions as individuals? The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It is something that has a huge impact on our every action, but is constantly overlooked. This exhibition explores the concept of the subconscious and how it represents in a physical state by creating a ‘mirror of the mind’.

During Beyond all Disposition, Kathryn Ellison will activate the Art Pod space by creating alternative spatial drawings to fill the space. Driven by the internal unpredictability of her practice and her methods which are built upon impulse and accident, Ellison will create a reflection of her subconscious and its connection to the physical world.

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