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Shakespeare was never meant to be read. At Bell Shakespeare we believe that his plays should be experienced as live performance and taught as great works that stand the test of time. We encourage new interpretations. We look for contemporary parallels to his 400-year old stories. We continue to develop exciting new ways of teaching Shakespeare in the classroom. The joy of seeing Shakespeare brought to life by skilful actors broadens our horizons, transports us to worlds beyond our knowledge and reminds us of the extraordinary power of human creativity.

Bell Shakespeare is proud to have inspired students and teachers in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Australia with Shakespeare since 1990, from King Island to Port Hedland and beyond. Bell Shakespeare delivers learning programmes to around 80,000 students and teachers annually, including Actors At Work in-school performances, in-theatre schools-audience productions, Student Masterclasses, Year 12 Student Seminars, teacher Professional Learning, residencies, and Scholarships for teachers and students in regional and remote areas. See our website for current shows and touring schedules in your area.

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