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Eliza Lovell

Age Suitability

  • JP
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Eliza Lovell has 20 years experience as an actor and has worked over the last 15 years mentoring young people at school or in the community.  Eliza is also available for visiting artist placements (metro and regional), ongoing mentorships and directing student productions.


The Art of Acting
The Art of Acting is a two hour workshop aimed at inspiring young people to understand the concepts of performance (stage and film).  Techniques are drawn upon through different tasks, improvisations and texts to highlight different approaches to style and genre.

The Art of Storytelling
The Art of Storytelling is a 2hr workshop inspiring young people to tell their story.  Improvisation, exploration, image, dance, music and task work uncover themes, encourage students to take risks and ponder the big questions of identity and culture to tell their own story.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0412 128 362