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Artwork of the Adnyamathanha people of Nepabunna
Artwork of the Adnyamathanha people of Nepabunna

Fran Callen

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Fran Callen is a prolific artist and community artist, known for her ‘Live Drawing’ performances, community murals, and drawing and painting exhibitions. Fran has coordinated community art projects around Australia and Internationally – including in New Delhi as part of the Helpmann Academy Cultural Exchange, and in Nepal as a World Youth International Volunteer. She has worked in remote Aboriginal Communities in Far North SA, and WA.

Fran enjoys involving children as much as possible in each part of the mural process, or in working towards their own exhibitions. She has also given a variety of drawing and painting workshops to children and adults of different ages and abilities. Fran enjoys working with Special Education students. She has worked as a tutor at the South Australian School of Art, Tauondi Aboriginal College, National Art School, and Pine Street Studios in Sydney. A qualified Secondary Art/English teacher, she also has Honours in Visual Arts, and is studying Professional Writing at AC Arts.

Fran has worked for Carclew on a number of occassions as a City Sites artist and mentor/tutor, and as an artist in residence through the Artists in Schools program.

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Mobile: 0498 354 766