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Heaps Good Productions has created a series of extraordinary musical adventures, interpretive experiences, and audio tours in a range of cultural institutions for schools, and the general public.

From Dinosaurs Down Under at the South Australian Museum to Singing in the Rainforest at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, the key feature of these experiences is Michael’s unique ability to bring the collections to life. The sets are the halls and spaces within the museums: instead of a painted forest as a backdrop, the backdrop comprises real rainforest trees and the props are the artefacts within the collections. And it’s real dinosaurs the audience get to see.

Creative Director, Michael Mills has also produced shows for touring to schools. In ‘The Storytellers’, he tells stories and sings songs from a range of cultures, including Wales, Ghana, China, and Nepal; countries in which he has family and other personal connections.

With the passing of time, this show continues to grow and evolve, with additional stories added from across the world. In order to help tell the stories, and give greater insight into the particular cultures, Michael brings an amazing array of artefacts and musical instruments he has collected through his world travels.

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