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Maria Michalos

Age Suitability

  • JP
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Maria Michalos is a visual artist and graphic designer. She has 10 years experience in facilitating workshops with children in visual arts and design concepts within the community.

Maria has developed a 10-week program, called ‘Mindful Arts’ for schools and communities. ‘Mindful Arts’ is about using mindfulness techniques with visual arts concepts together. Mindfulness is about awareness and paying attention in the present moment, which can help students with concentration and focus.

Maria’s workshops utilise many art mediums including acrylic paints, watercolour, pencils, pastel and clay. She has worked with students to create books, environmental collages, colour wheels, mandalas, paintings (abstract, surrealism), sculpture, cultural projects, still life, mask painting, drawing faces and the body, perspective drawing and design.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0439 800 973