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Animation Workshops for Schools
Animation Workshops for Schools

Michael Richards

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Michael Richards and Cameron Edser have been creating animated movies since their early days in primary school. Through their passion for clay, they aim to share the fun and excitement of the world of animation with the youth of today.

In a 60-90 minute session or a series of sessions, they show how easy it is to create your own animation. Sessions include animating a simple drawn sequence, creating a flipbook animation and having a hands on crack at stop-motion.

Students will also learn the revolutionary way to animate using an iPhone or iPad, take a behind the scenes look at our characters and films, observe a live stop-motion demonstration, create their own clay character out of plasticine, see how animation has changed since the early days of Walt Disney, understand the different animation styles, and of course...have lots of fun! 

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Mobile: 0400 716 176