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Musica Viva In Schools

Music in schools and quality school music programs has been Musica Viva's passion since 1981. In 2013, we're thrilled to once again bring high quality live music performances to schools across South Australia.  Our diverse range of professional musicians tour to schools all over Australia, inspiring teachers and students through live music performance, and as artists in residence.

Musica Viva In Schools delivers accredited teacher professional development courses and SACSA curriculum-linked resources, so no matter what level of skill, students and teachers will get the most out of the live music experience.

Technology in the classroom has also changed pretty drastically since we started in 1981. The introduction of our interactive whiteboard resources has received huge acclaim this year, and we're looking forward to bringing the digital revolution to a crescendo in 2013.

Why choose Musica Viva In Schools?

Music increases academic performance across the board
Music improves students' listening skills and helps them concentrate longer
Music has a positive impact on school attendance and engagement
MVIS provides cross-curricula resources
MVIS provides accredited professional development courses
MVIS provides assessment rubrics, curriculum links, videos of dances, digital resources and is developing other ICT resources

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Phone: +61 8 8233 6245