The Danish Critical Appraisal system - Okinawa, 1994

Rosemary Luke wrote the most requested article in Lowdown's history, 'Critical Quality', first published in the February 1995 issue. In it, she detailed a session that occurred at the 1994 Okinawa Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences. Danish delegates Michael Ramlose, the ASSITEJ Secretary General at the time, and Anette Eggert, Artistic Director of Baggard Theatre, outlined a system of theatre peer review that had been developing in Denmark since the 1980s. The process covered seven main areas of exploration in initiating critical dialogue about a production.

Australian directors such as Dave Brown, of Patch Theatre Company, and Andy Packer, of Slingsby, continue to use a version of the critical appraisal process. Danish practitioners are sometimes bemused by the fascination of Australians with their former critical appraisal process, as it has been discontinued in Denmark for many years due to changes in the nature of Danish companies.

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