The Marat Pack takes on Issue-Based Youth Theatre, 1991

The University of Adelaide contributed a new rigour to the pages of Lowdown in the 1990s. Rachel Healy, the former student editor of the university publication On Dit, became editor in 1991. One group of University of Adelaide graduates,the Marat Pack - which included Shaun Micallef, Francis Greenslade and Alex Ward - combined a surreal comedic style with ferociously intelligent and eclectic content. At the time of writing Greenslade continues to work with Micallef on TV shows like Shaun Micallef: Mad As Hell.

In one of the most hilarious openings to a Lowdown article, Greenslade ridiculed the issue-based formats of some youth theatres in 'Form and content: percolating ideologies in youth theatre' (August 1991). He then takes a more serious look to examine why the process of some youth theatre development was in contradiction to their aims of empowerment.

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