The 2002 ASSITEJ World Congress in Seoul, Korea

Lowdown once again reported from an ASSITEJ World Congress in 2002, this time in Seoul, Korea. The Lowdown coverage also included an interview with Park Myung Shin, the owner of the large English language learning company Unibooks, and Carol Wellman from WA's Buzz Dance Theatre, which was invited to perform as part of the official Congress program. Park Myung Shin was financing LATT Children's Theatre, headed by REM Theatre's Roger Rynd from Australia.

At this Congress Tony Mack, the Lowdown Editor at the time, was elected to the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ and returned to Australia as an ASSITEJ Vice-President, a position he would hold for six years. During that time, the travel and connections made through the ASSITEJ network  dramatically increased the magazine's ability to source articles from anywhere in the world.

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