Direction Statement 2018-2021

A Message from the Chief Executive 

For over 45 years Carclew has given the children of South Australia outstanding creative experiences. Many South Australians can recall time spent at Carclew and many artists and arts workers across Australia can trace their early inspiration to a Carclew moment.

Providing strong leadership in arts and cultural programs that are relevant to today’s children, young people and emerging arts professionals continues to be Carclew’s primary focus. We believe in the value of cultural literacy and our programs aim to nurture creative resilience. We keep a close and critical eye on how we design and deliver our programs so that we can be responsive in a changing world.

We know that: 

  • Children and young people are, innately, analysts, commentators, problem solvers, collaborators and critical thinkers and bring curiosity and imagination to their art making.
  • Responsive and innovative arts programming occurs in an environment of co-creation.
  • Young South Australians who do not currently have access to arts experiences are our priority.
  • Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have specific creative and cultural aspirations.
  • Young makers are leaders in experimentation, emerging art forms, creative innovation and the use of technology in art making.
  • The skills and tools for a successful arts career are complex and require ongoing development.
  • Working with non-arts partners gives depth to our work and facilitates the exchange of skills and methodologies.
  • Policy leadership emerges through critical discourse, evidence based research and industry benchmarking.
  • Carclew has a role as influencer and connector for educators, training institutions, industry partners and government portfolios.

Our standards are unashamedly high – and we love what we do. We invite you to contact us.

Tricia Walton,
Chief Executive


All children and young people have cultural and creative confidence to positively navigate the changing world.

Embed creativity in communities, schools and careers.

We believe a vibrant youth arts sector underpins a healthy, open, contemporary society. The future cultural, social, intellectual and economic wellbeing of South Australia depends on this.

Arts for learning
An arts rich childhood improves literacy, numeracy, social skills and personal development.

Arts for identity
Involvement in the arts helps children and young people develop confidence, a strong sense of identity and offers cultural expression and celebration.

Arts for future
Arts experiences contribute towards children and young people’s understanding of the cultural forces that help shape their world and provide tools to explore and express issues of relevance to them.

Arts for life
Arts experiences cultivate and nourish children and young people’s creative, intellectual and communication skills and capacities, enabling them to participate as contemporary Australian citizens.

Arts for all
It is the right of every child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life (United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, Article 31).

Arts for health
Engagement in the arts increases cognitive, social and personal skills and wellbeing for life.



Goal #1
Anticipate and create the future as a leader in youth arts

Goal #2
Create ambitious and transformative arts programs

Goal #3
Extend access, inclusion and diverse representation in all that we do

Goal #4
Establish creative participation as vital to wellbeing

Goal #5
Have strong governance, sound finances and great people


11 Jeffcott Street
North Adelaide
Kaurna Country
SA 5006

(08) 8267 5111