$50 for 50 Years Landing

As Carclew celebrates 50 years of transforming young lives through creativity, this year, we are asking South Australians to give back open-heartedly, allowing us to continue making an impact.

This year, Carclew celebrates 50 years of transforming young lives through creativity. 

The ripple effect of Carclew’s work over the past 50 years is huge, and the alumni wide. Our history is made up of hundreds of thousands of promising futures that unfolded inside our historic building and within our various programs. Those artists and arts workers have taken their talent and ingenuity to the creative industries across Australia and around the world.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of South Australians have had a Carclew experience that introduced them to creativity and the arts as a way of making sense of, and celebrating, the world around them.

To mark this 50th milestone, Carclew has established an Endowment Fund with the fundamental goal of contributing to the long term security of the organisation and ensuring the wellbeing and creative ambitions of many future generations will be nurtured through our programs.

We invite you contribute $50 for 50 years. A little goes a long way, and this year we have the support of Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 initiative, which means every donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Your $50 tax deductible donation translates to $100 towards Carclew’s future.

With your assistance, Carclew may ensure it’s youthful spirit and energy remains undimmed and continues to be a champion of early artistic expression for tens of thousands of South Australians in the years to come.


What impact does Carclew have on young artists?

Over the past two years Carclew has worked with Seaview High School across their curriculum with a focus on music production. Follow the stories of Sarah, Chris and Evie as they find their sound and release it to the world.

Carclew’s history

Carclew Youth Performing Arts Centre was opened in 1982 by Minister of Arts, Murray Hill, as Australia’s major centre for youth arts.

In May 1988 the State Government created a Review Committee to assess the role of the Youth Performing Arts Council. This Committee strongly identified the need for a single body to develop and coordinate youth arts policy and programs for children and young people aged up to 25 years and recommended the setting up of a new body. The South Australian Youth Arts Board (SAYAB) was formed in November 1988 as the governing body of Carclew.

Subsequently, the Board revised its programs to support children and young people 26 years and under.

Since 1982, Carclew’s activities have expanded to cover a broad spectrum of youth arts, engaging thousands of children and young people across South Australia though a unique model encompassing funding, advocacy and strategic initiatives.

In March 1991 the name officially changed from Carclew Youth Performing Arts Centre Inc. to Carclew Youth Arts Centre Inc. to reflect the broader nature of youth arts practices. In 2009 the organisation changed its name to Carclew Youth Arts and in 2013 to simply Carclew.

If you have any queries at all, or would like further information, please contact Marya at mkhan@carclew.org.au