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This year, Carclew celebrates 50 years of transforming young lives through creativity. We want to hear your Carclew story.

Our history is made up of hundreds of thousands of promising futures that unfolded inside our historic building and within our various programs.

The ripple effect of Carclew’s work over the past 50 years is huge, and the alumni wide. Those artists and arts workers have taken their talent and ingenuity to the creative industries across Australia and around the world. 

In addition, hundreds of thousands of South Australians have had a Carclew experience that introduced them to creativity and the arts as a way of making sense of, and celebrating, the world around them. 

To mark this 50th milestone, we are working on a project to document the past half a century of Carclew’s work and impact and we want you to be part of this.  

We want to hear your Carclew story.

We are keen to hear how Carclew may have impacted you and your aspirations. 

Did Carclew provide your first participatory experience of the arts? 

Was your creative career kicked off through a grant from Carclew? 

Did a Carclew creative experience change the way you think about the world? 

Do you have a memory of a particularly inspirational Carclew program or artist? 

No experience is too big or too small. This is your chance to document your story into Carclew’s history, forever. 

And please keep an eye out for some special events we have planned for 2022.