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For the past 4 and a half years ExpressWay Arts has been a joint initiative between Carclew and City of Onkaparinga employing a 4 day a week Creative Producer to nurture young artistic leaders in the southern suburbs.
Now, change is coming. Here’s some context and an introduction to the ever-evolving future.
Through three core strategies to nurture and invest in young people’s voices in Onkaparinga, over these last 4 and a half years ExpressWay Arts has developed and delivered 5 umbrella projects which have collectively created and presented:
•    2 short films
•    3 performance experiences in public space
•    2 performance works in non-traditional venues
•    1 temporary public artwork
•    3 visual art exhibitions
•    1 song-writing project & 6 new songs
•    100s of workshops in creative writing, poetry, installation, acting, performance, voice, installation, design, sound, movement, circus and everything in between
96 young people (aged 11-27) co-created these projects with a collective commitment of over 1600 individual attendances. They made all of this happen at the same time as navigating a range of complex personal and community contexts. They collaborated with, and were supported by, 27 professional artists – 11 of who identify as emerging as per Carclew’s commitment to emerging and early career artists.

Over 2500 community members experienced the outcomes of this work - right here in Onkaparinga – as a result of ExpressWay Arts firm commitment to presenting work in the community of origin.

Through the embedded work of the ExpressWay Arts Creative Producer, ExpressWay Arts also seeded and supported a range of other projects, outcomes and new thinking in the Onkaparinga region.
This included workshops and performances at youth week events and council managed youth centres, a performance work with Hopgood theatre, street art projects, youth music projects, guest speaking, mentoring, connecting and always, always, quietly but fiercely advocating for young people to have space, ownership and agency.

Carclew and the City of Onkaparinga value their on-going relationship and are looking forward to continuing the relationship as ExpressWay Arts evolves into a new iteration – the deliberate and dedicated support of ‘Kids Against Humanity’, a core youth arts ensemble with the mission to make great art and connect with their community.

Kids Against Humanity has been one of ExpressWay Arts’ deep, long relationships with a core group of young artistic voices. It began in 2014 with a project called Run Zombie, Run before turning into a performance ensemble called Kids Against Humanity in 2015. Kids Against Humanity presented their first project outcome Zombie Gauntlet in 2015, followed by their second - the very ambitious Losing Faith in Unicorns as part of the dreamBIG Children’s Festival in May 2017.
These young people are ambitious, brave, fierce, talented and have so much to contribute. And with the continued support of Carclew and City of Onkaparinga, they’ll be supported by a dedicated Carclew team member who will be their coordinator and a link to continue exploring and uncovering future (and unknown) opportunities between Carclew and City of Onkaparinga.  We’ll be saying goodbye to ExpressWay Arts Creative Producer Alysha Herrmann but will be welcoming an equally teriffic new member to the team (and equally excited to be keeping Alysha with the Carclew team in a brand new role in partnership with Country Arts SA).
We hope you’re with us in feeling nostalgic as we say goodbye to ExpressWay Arts but so very excited to say hello to the future and its evolution with Kids Against Humanity.  All of the ExpressWay Arts social media accounts will be transitioning to being dedicated Kids Against Humanity spaces, so you can still follow along, support and remain connected to the legacy of ExpressWay Arts in the adventures of Kids Against Humanity right here.  This transition will begin over the next couple of weeks.
And of course, you may or may not already know but Carclew continues to deliver and support a whole host of other projects, activities and outcomes in the southern suburbs through other partnerships. And City of Onkaparinga has a dedicated youth team AND a dedicated arts team driving some amazing opportunities for young people. So stay connected and keep the conversation alive.  Youth arts matters and we’re all in this together.

ExpressWay Arts is an initiative of Carclew undertaken jointly with City of Onkaparinga and assisted by Government of South Australia through Arts SA.


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