Project & Development Grants

For Artists / Funding

Carclew Project and Development Grants

This program is designed to support and encourage the growth and development of young talent in the South Australian arts community.

Project and Development Grants are offered in 2 rounds each year.

  • 1st round in 2024 opens in January and will close 17 March
  • 2nd round opens mid July

Project and Development Grants for Individuals

Grants up to $3000

  • Skills development in creative practice
  • Artistic career building

Grants up to $10,000

  • Development and/or presentation of new or existing work
  • Projects which enable participation in the arts for children and young people

Age limit for applicants

  • Up to 26 years
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants up to 30 years

Carclew is committed to driving reconciliation through employment and training opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Carclew strongly encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander emerging cultural and creative artists and arts workers to apply for the 2024 Project and Development Grants.

Read Carclews’ First Nations commitment and Reconciliation Action Plan here.


  • Applicants must be 26 years of age or under at the application closing date (30yrs or under for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)
  • Artists may apply for project support as an unincorporated group, however 60% of the group must be aged 26 years and under at the time of application
  • This program is not open to legally constituted organisations (see Project & Development Grants for Organisations are offered in our September round)
  • Applicants must be an Australian citizen or have permanent resident status in Australia, and be a current resident of South Australia
  • Individuals who have received project funding through Arts South Australia as an individual artist are not eligible to apply to this program
  • If you have previously received Carclew funding, you must have submitted a satisfactory acquittal report before a further funding application can be assessed
  • Applicants cannot have repayments due on a QuickstART Microloan
  • Applicants must complete all information in the application form to be eligible

Click here for more information.

How to Apply

Before submitting your application we encourage you to…

  • Read the FAQ’s
  • Watch the “write on the money” workshop livestream for more information on how to write the perfect grant!
  • Book a consultation with our staff to help you turn your project idea into an appealing application.

1. Head to our application portal
2. Login/register an account
3. Download all the resources
4. Fill out the application form and upload supporting files
5. Review and submit

Project and Development Grants for Organisations

Opening mid July 2024.

Grants up to $20,000

Support tangible arts projects delivered by organisations (not currently funded through a Carclew organisation grant) with the aim to increase creativity in the lives of young South Australians.


Project and Development Grants for Organisations support artistic projects in any art form developed and presented for, by and with children and young people aged 26 years and under.


This program is open to organisations that:

  • are not for profit incorporated bodies;
  • are based in South Australia;
  • are not in receipt of annual program funding from Carclew or operational funding from Arts South Australia;
  • have acquitted any previous grants from Carclew and/or Arts South Australia;
  • can demonstrate a strong track record of delivering high quality arts programs for children and/or young people;
  • can demonstrate that appropriate child safe policies and procedures are in place to support project delivery.

Contact the following staff for funding enquiries:

General P&D Funding enquiries: Joel Byrne Funding Program Coordinator

First Nations peer support: Lilla Berry, Manager Art Programs Coordinator


Whether you have a draft application or would like to talk through an idea, we encourage you to consult with Carclew staff prior to submitting your application. Consultations can help with turning your concept/project ideas into an appealing application as well as provide a range of submission options.

Check out our “write on the money” workshop livestream before booking for more information on how to write the perfect grant!

Support Early Career Artists

Carclew’s giving campaign supports early career artists through our Project Grants and Fellowships Program. You can donate here.

For further information, contact Thank you to all our current donors.

How much can I apply for?
Individuals can apply for up to $10,000.
Organisations can apply for up to $20,000.

What if my application contains elements of professional development?
Your proposal can include elements of professional development as part of a project or standalone professional development eg. participation in workshops, mentorships, internships, residencies etc

You can apply for up to $3,000 for professional development (if professional development is part of your project you can allocate up to $3000 or your overall budget to this activity)

If you wish to apply for a more substantial professional development proposal, we recommend that you consider applying for a Carclew Fellowship (up to $10,000). Click here for more information.

Do I have to be under 26yrs of age to apply for funding?
Individuals applying for funding need to be 26yrs or under at the time of application.

If your project involves a group of young artists, at least 60% need to be aged 26 or under.

The age limit does not apply to organisation applicants, however children and/or young people do need to be the prime beneficiaries of the project proposal and genuinely involved in concept development, planning and delivery.

When will I know if I’ve been successful in receiving a Project Grant?
It is expected that applicants will receive notification of outcomes within 12 weeks of the application deadline (early June for the March round and early December for the September round each year).

Can I apply for a Project Grant if I haven’t undertaken formal arts training?
Yes. There are many examples of successful artists who have never received formal training. It is, however, important that you articulate an established commitment to development as an artist in your application.

Who assesses my application?
Applications are assessed by a panel of independent arts practitioners and the panel is chaired by a member of the Carclew Board.

What is a support letter?
Support letters are sought by applicants from individuals and/or organisations to endorse their application. Support letters should do one or more of the following:

  • clearly articulate the breadth and benefits of the proposed opportunity;
  • validate the institution or activity put forward in the proposal;
  • demonstrate the applicant’s commitment and potential in their specific field.

Please note: Support letters which do not specifically reference the proposal are of limited value to the panel.

The online application refers to general and artistic support material. What is the difference?
General support material refers to any document or attachment in your application that is not specifically artistic in content. General support material may include a CV or professional bio, proof of invitation/participation, links to information about the proposed activity, quotes to support your budget, mentor statements and letters of support.

Artistic support material is, in essence, the artistic evidence that supports your proposal. It should be good quality and clearly demonstrate your artistic practice. Artistic support material may include file links, images, video footage, show-reels, manuscripts etc.

What does good quality support material mean?
Good quality support material means submitting clear audio and/or visuals which support your proposal. It is advisable to invest in professionally produced photography and show reels as these can strengthen your application.

Are there any specific artistic support material requirements?
Artistic support material could contain one or more of the following, depending on your proposal:

  • A sample (max 15 pages) of your writing in the genre/s nominated in your intended proposal.
  • Active URL/links to single-track show reels or digital presentations (no more than 5mins duration each). Explanatory notes of up to 250 words may be provided.
  • Active URL/links to musical recordings relevant to the proposal. Explanatory notes of up to 250 words may be provided.
  • Up to 10 high quality visual images (or links to images).
  • Any creative documentation relevant to your proposal.

Why should I consult with Carclew before submitting my application?
Consults give applicants the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on their proposal. Discussing your proposal can highlight any areas that might need additional clarification or information.

Can my referee also write me a letter of support?
It is beneficial to provide a range of endorsements in your application however you can provide a letter of support from a referee. References and letters of support should come from specialist practitioners in the relevant field.

Why is it important to address the assessment criteria?
The assessment panel considers all applications against the assessment criteria. It is essential that your application addresses the assessment criteria in order to be competitive.

What is ‘in-kind’ support?
In-kind support is a contribution in the form of goods or services (not money) eg. a professional photographer who documents your work for an exhibition catalogue without charging you. In-kind contributions are listed in the income and expenditure columns of your budget at the purchase value of the good or service. In-kind contributions are a great way to show other sources of income in your application budget.

Do I need to provide quotes for expenditure lines in the budget?
Provide quotes for any substantial elements to be funded by Carclew in your proposal eg. flight/travel costs, course costs etc.

For smaller items you can reference the source of information in your notes to budget eg. meal allowance based on MEAA awards.

Why can’t I make a profit?
Project funding is not designed to support projects that are, or could be seen as, commercial ventures.

The grant is to ensure that the project can go ahead. If you expect to make money from the project (like fundraising, ticket sales etc.) then you must show in your budget that all money you plan to collect/earn/receive will be spent entirely on the project. If you expect to have a significant amount of money left over, then your argument for financial assistance will be substantially weakened.

Please note: Being paid for your work (receiving a fee or wage) is different to making a profit. Carclew strongly supports the payment of artists.

Can I submit more than one application?
Yes. Every application will be considered equally against the assessment criteria. Please note that submitting more than one application does not improve your chances of success.

If you are planning to submit more than one application in the same round, it would be a good idea to explain the need/want for both projects to occur simultaneously and how you can achieve both projects within the six-month period for which the funding is allocated.

If I do get the grant can I apply again in the next round?
As long as you meet the criteria and eligibility of the given round you can apply as many times as you want – whether you have or have not been successful on previous occasions.

Can I apply to Arts South Australia for funding assistance for the same project?
Generally, no but in some instances it is possible. You must first discuss your project with Carclew’s Funding Program Coordinator and staff at Arts South Australia to check if your project is eligible to do this. Staff at both agencies are there to assist you to interpret the eligibility criteria and it is important to seek their advice. Be sure to not waste your time writing an application only to find out that it is not eligible later.

Can I apply for a grant for a project which I have been previously unsuccessful?
Yes. The assessment panel considers each application comprehensively and provides detailed feedback. It is important to seek this feedback from Carclew’s Funding Program Coordinator as it will assist you to improve your application for submission in following rounds.

If my application is successful, am I able to apply for other Carclew funds?
Project Grant recipients are eligible to apply for other funding opportunities through Carclew.

Successful Grant Recipients – Round 1, 2024

Emma Hough Hobbs | $10,000 | Lesbian Space Princess

‘Lesbian Space Princess’ is an animated feature film, the first of its kind being produced in South Australia. Written and directed by Emma Hough-Hobbs and Leela Varghese and produced by Tom Phillips (We Made a Thing Studios) as a part of SAFC’s ‘Film Lab’ initiative.

Lotte Sweeney | $10,000 | The Knight

‘The Knight’ is a 10–12-minute short film about a sexual coming-of-age and exploration of intimacy and desire as experienced through the eyes of young, disabled leads.

Angelina (Frankie) Franchi | $6,500 | The Dance Macabre: The Art House 2024

The Dance Macabre will be a multi-arts exhibition showcasing emerging artists from across Adelaide’s arts sectors. Taking place over the course of a month, the exhibition will feature the works of 15 local emerging artists. With a focus on supporting young artists and fostering cross-pollination between art forms and promoting creative community in the youth of Adelaide.

Connor Fogarty | $2,409 | Symphony for Wind Orchestra – Phase 3

This project will involve Connor attending the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles Conference in South Korea. During the conference, the Adelaide Wind Orchestra will perform my Symphony and I will attend a variety of seminars and performances. This provides the opportunity to network with leading performers, conductors, and composers from across the world.

Myles Turner | $8,540 | Myles Turner EP Project

Myles Turner, rapper from Alice Springs, is bringing back positivity to his hometown and catching some industry attention by getting some funding to produce, mix, master and promote 8 song EP.


Adelaide Scene | $10,000 | Adelaide Scene Presents: All-Ages Live Music at Ancient World

Adelaide Scene is a youth-focussed music group dedicated to organising all-ages live music events.

Throughout the second half of 2024 we aim to host 12 all-ages shows at Ancient World, with the goal to showcase new bands and established acts, whilst providing an inspiring experience for young people.


Louis Campbell | $5,000 | War Room Mixing and Promotion of Debut Album 

Emerging experimental rock band War Room will mix, master, promote their debut album ‘And Lachrymose’, slated for release in late 2024. Funding will be allocated to a local team of artists, with Matt Shultz of Interim Recording Studios mixing the record, Mikey Young mastering the record, Venus O’Broin taking press shots and Connor Mercury developing a music video.

Anthony Nicola | $9,996 | Lady Tabouli written by James Elazzi: First stage creative development.

Undertake 1 week creative development with two performers and sound designer.

Produce documentation to promote the work to potential presenters and use in funding applications. Facilitate professional development for the sound designer / composer and director by working with established artists.


Jasmine Warland | $3,000 | Attendance at international summer school

Jasmine will be attending International Training and Research Centre for Devised Theatre and Performance

Benen Hamon | $3,000 | Casa Lȕ – Artist Residency 

Seeking funding to cover the cost of a month-long artist residency taking place from the 18th July to the 13th August 2024 at Casa Lü in Mexico City. The financial support will go towards making this opportunity accessible, via supporting the cost of the residency program.

Successful Grant Recipients – Round 1, 2023


Jasmine Leech | Film | Aced It! | $10,000.00
Tommy Eyers | Film | Leif’s Ride | $10,000.00

Kristal Matthews | Visual Art | Goolwa Children’s Centre Mural | $4,736.00

Vanessa Marousopoulos | Music | Keeskea Album | $10,000.00

Georgia Oatley | Music | Mentorship with Soundstream | $3,000.00

Thomas Katsaras | Music | Twine Album | $9,924.50

Eleanor Lange | Multi Arts | Debut EP | $10,000.00
Alexis Luke | Theatre | Living Graveyards | $9,525.60
Kuijpers | Dance | ‘I Know the End’ Production | $9,207.00


Girls Rock! Adelaide | Music | Rock Camp 2023 | $20,000.00
Adelaide Contemporary Experimental (ACE) | Visual Art | Zine | $20,000.00

City of Onkaparinga | Visual Art | Spray Society Ink | $20,000.00


Successful Grant Recipients – Round 2, 2023

Cherie De Klerk | $10,000 | ‘My Cherie’ Debut Album 

This project will fund the overall creation and promotion of My Chérie’s debut album, including professional recording, mixing, mastering, cover design and multimedia arts. The album will include 12 songs written and produced by Chérie de Klerk, with featured South Australian artists and creatives.

Emily Savage | $5,287 | Little Horrors 

“Little Horrors” is a 3-minute experimental short composed of traditional 2D animation, turning childhood paranoias into darkly humorous vignettes. Whether it was eyes in the air vents, carnivorous preschool parachutes, curse containing email chains, or streets rearranging themselves under my feet until nothing was familiar- I was altogether in another world.

Dante Nieszwiedz | $9,989 | M-8

M-8 is a 10-minute sci-fi coming-of-age film that follows the story of 16-year-old Ruby, a clever and ambitious inventor. Ruby sets out to create a support robot to guarantee her a scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Robotics. It’s been her dream for as long as she can remember, but things take a turn when she meets her creation, M-8.

Ellen Tefanis | $2,200 | Americana Fest Trip 

Americana Fest is held every year in Nashville, TN. Americana festival is “Nashville’s most educational music industry forum where it covers interests for artists, managers, labels and much more.

Angus Brill Reed | $3,000 | Vocalize U Trip 

To attend Vocalize U: a 10-day artist development camp in Los Angeles living on-premises, immersed in songwriting, performance, brand development, and music business with international industry icons, decision-makers, and mentors. The upcoming release of my new artist project Lawrence Lewis means the timing of this project is perfect for my artistic development.

Sarah Grainger  | $5,760 | Sunsick Daisy PR Campaign 

The aim of this project is to put in motion a PR campaign for Sunsick Daisy’s debut EP, “Breathe In… Breathe Out”, to film and release a music video for its focus track, “Faith”, and to record an additional 2 singles in November of 2023, all to increase the band’s profile both locally and nationally with the view to tour in 2024.

Chloe Seabrook | $6,299 |PR for Next Single 

The project includes recording, release, and marketing my next single. I have self-funded my debut single on a very tight budget and want to give my next single an edge by using a professional marketing and PR agency; professional video and photography and artist development/mentoring support from an industry expert throughout the process.

Ella Mclean | $10,000 | Record & Promote EP

Our project is to record, promote and release a five-song EP. Recorded with world renowned multi-award-winning producer Rod McCormack at The Music Cellar studio in Central Coast, NSW. The proposed dates are 10 – 14 July 2023. We aim to commence a release schedule of singles and the EP in September-October 2023.

Vincent Barbaro | $10,000 | Divebar Youth Album

Write, record, and produce a 12-track album for Divebar Youth. The aim is to create a body of work that will progress my artistic vision, attract attention from industry figures, develop my abilities as a creative as well as assist me in working with other musicians and creatives while adequately compensating them for their time and expertise. 

Broken Loose | $2,300 | Development of assets to complete the Broken Loose debut EP 

Broken Loose is a band of 4 young friends that have been performing together since their early teens and are now producing original music in the thrash metal genre. They have hit the music scene hard with massive amounts of industry support and have originals already recorded. They are ready to finish creating their first EP if they can get funding.

Lou Howard | $3,950 | Sweet Tooth Album Recording  

Record, mix and master an album of original dark folk/spoken word/jazz music. Inspired by local and international poets, Irish heritage and circus/theatre soundscape.

The Wired Serenity | $3,242 | Creation of Asses for debut The Wired Serenity EP  

The Wired Serenity are 4 talented individuals aged 17-19 with a passion for music. They have a solid history of performing and releasing music. With a new singer the band is even stronger, and they are excited and ready to re-record two songs (that have not yet been released) and record two completely new songs to complete the collection for the debut EP later this year.

Jasmine Williamson-Gray | $3,000 | IlDance Professional Development and Secondment in Italy 

IlDance, a contemporary dance organisation based in Sweden, with The Mill Adelaide’s support, have offered an SA artist the IlDance Professional Development Program. I’ll create, collaborate and tour with IlDance’s junior company, IlYoung. Alongside this, I’ve been offered a secondment in Ferrara, Italy which provides valuable insight into choreographic composition.

Successful Grant Recipients – Round 1, 2022


Young theatre maker Temeka Lawlor will receive $9,952 for creative development of children’s theatre work Precious Things, her first solo artistic venture.

Dance collective Fleshsoup will receive $9,660 to engage five nationally and internationally recognised dancers for creative development and performance.

Musician Shabana Azeez will receive $2,990 toengage producer Mario Spate to undertake development and production of two indie-pop tracks using both western and Indian musical tradition and instrumentation.

Music makers Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band will receive $9,990 to record their debut album.

Musician Jake Norris will receive $2,563 to create an all-ages live performance installation exploring audience immersion, the quiet spaces between sound and its connection with stillness.

Filmmaker Alexandra (Poppy) Fitzpatrick will receive $4,242 for the development of her Vodcast series She Mass Debates: a 10 x 1 minute series for TikTok and Instagram with female-identifying participants sharing intimate and often hilarious details of their early sexual development.

Filmmaker Thomas Liddell will receive $10,000 to develop a short documentary exploring the life of skateboarding legend Kat Williams, traversing her journey from Mt Barker to the Olympic arena and her battle with mental health.

Filmmaker Anastasia Comelli will receive $5,792 for post-production of narrative short film Babugeri.

Filmmaker Guy Henderson will receive $7,160 to develop an historical drama short film script exploring homophobia in 1950’s rural Australia.


Connecting the Dots in Music organisation receiving $20,000 to offer a creative program for children with disabilities where students will be mentored by teaching artists to compose and perform their own musical production.

Whyalla’s D’faces of Youth Arts has been awarded $6,182 to develop a new strategic plan to better meet the needs of their young participants into the future.

South Australia’s only inclusive social circus, Lolly Jar Circus, will receive $9,942 for leadership professional development and staff training.

Successful Grant Recipients – Round 2, 2022

Samuel Hall | Dance | Womb’-final Development and Premiere Season | $8,402.20
SA Choreographer Sam Hall will use the funding to develop and perfect the dance piece ‘Womb’ which be shown at LAB in October.

Luca Sardelis | Film | The Night Bus | $10,000
Funding towards the creative development of the coming-of-age short film ‘The Night Bus’.

Kienan Mckay | Literature | Cocoon | $9,876.00
Kienan will embark on sending a polished manuscript to a publishing house for his young adult fiction novel Cocoon.

Shaye Duong | Theatre | Studio Residency | $3,533.00
Shane will develop a new piece of work at their studio residency at ACE Open in 2022.

Alexander Salkicevic | Film | The Shifting Eyes | $7,989.00
Funding to develop a short horror film that uncovers the everyday terrors of corporate ladder hierarchy and the dreads of networking.

Thea Lucia Martin | Music | A Room of Her Own Workshops, When We Speak | $5,640
Thea will host a series of collaborative composition workshops that invite young people to create original music in a participatory dialogic environment.

Grace Lam | Visual Art | Visual Art Mentorship with Tatiana Georgieva | $3,000
Grace, a self-taught artist who also has Down Syndrome, Visual impairment, and Hearing impairment will undertake a visual Art Mentorship to further her craft.

Lucy Zola| Music | Recording and Release | $3,000
Lucy will record three songs to be released on their yet to be titled EP.

Dora Abraham | Theatre | Coldhands | $10,000
Funding will go to the development of Dora’s first play as a writer, which will feature in RUMPUS’ 2022 Season.

Arran Beattie | Theatre | After All This | $10,000
After All, this is an ensemble-based piece of experiential theatre. A cast of 10 will devise a re-imagining of the original work by Elbow Room. It will be part of RUMPUS Theatre’s 2022 Season. The grant will fund the Workshop stage of the project.

Isobel Stolinski | Dance | Professional Development Project in Europe 2022 | $2,627.00
Isobel’s project focuses on training workshops and festivals to enrich her existing movement vocabulary and refine her practice as an emerging artist.


Round 2, 2021

Maddie Grammatopoulos | Film | Maggie Makes a Cherry Pie | $10,000
Maddie will receive mentoring support in directing, writing, and cinematography for her forthcoming 12-minute short film, Maggie Makes a Cherry Pie (working title).

Tamara Hardman | Film | The People We’ll Never Be| $9,960
Funding towards the creative development of feature film The People We’ll Never Be, and a treatment and pitch document to be used for further investment.

Maya Tregonning | Multi Arts | Texture of a Soul | $9,621
Maya will undertake 2 weeks of creative development for her new circus show Texture of a Soul, in preparation for showing in July at GWB studios.

Katherine Sortini | Theatre | We Are Sluts | $7,589
Katherine will embark on consultations with playwright, dramaturg and director Elena Carapetis to develop her new play We Are Sluts.

Caitlin Moore | Theatre | Company AT in SPACE Development | $2,919
Caitlin will undertake an Assistant Director attachment for CompanyAT’s upcoming inSPACE Development, under the direction and mentorship of Yasmin Gurreeboo.

Good Company Theatre | Theatre | Hamlet in the Other Room | $10,000
Funding to develop Good Company Theatre’s project Hamlet in the Other Room, along with the rehearsal and production of its 2021 season at RUMPUS Theatre.

Hieu Tran | Visual Art | Portfolio Artbook Project | $3,000
Hieu will undertake a mentorship with creative director and concept designer Scott Flanders, to develop a body of visual works to demonstrate his talent as a concept artist in the games & entertainment industry.

Guthrow Taylor Johnson | Visual Art | Creatures in Crisis | $1,600
Guthrow will produce five digital paintings of endangered Australian animals reflecting a political and social commentary.

Christina Peek | Visual Art | Resourceful Women & Desperate Stratagems (working title) | $9,025
Christina will develop an ambitious body of work – Resourceful Women & Desperate Stratagems (working title) examining female agency, dating and relationships for exhibition at Post Office Projects in November.

Georgia Button | Visual Art | Solo Exhibition | $10,000
For her first solo exhibition at Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, during SALA Festival. The grant will support creation of a new immersive and sensorial moving image installation with accompanying workshop and artists talks, plus documentation, catalogue and a short documentary film.

Round 1, 2021

Michal Hughes | Whyalla Film Festival 2021 | $9,800
Development and growth of the third edition of the Whyalla Film Festival, enabling it to empower and celebrate more young people.

Emma Hough Hobbs | On Film | $8,000
An animated documentary about celluloid film to raise awareness of traditional film and celebrate the quietly brilliant Australian animation industry.

Kirrily Snape / ALT MEDIA | ALT: Love, Today | $10,000
Development of ALT: Love, Today, a short film merging dance, film and music that follows two characters as they travel through online chat rooms that manifest as physical spaces.

Tilly Thomas | David Turley Mentorship | $5,247
Recording, mixing and mastering of original music in preparation for release through a mentorship with producer David Turley.

Kathryn Adams / AlleyKat Collective | Elpis, Captif de Pandore | $9,457
To bring their debut work Elpis, Captif de Pandore to the stage in 2021, exploring humanity’s shifting relationship with hope and investigating mental health themes through performance.

Anthony Nocera | Log Boy | $10,000
The theatrical development of Log Boy, a play exploring the sexuality and promiscuity of gay men using the theatrical aesthetics of the horror film format.

Miriam Barker-Lanzi | Creative Investigation of South Australian Geology | $6,298
Residency, research and creative development towards a new body of work exploring the essence of geological forms for exhibition in 2021.

Ink Pot Arts Inc | The Secret Garden | $16,221
Development and production of performance work The Secret Garden, incorporating film, animation, new media, sound and installation for public presentation in early 2021.

Festival Fleurieu Inc | Youth Scape 2021 – The Voices of the 11% | $20,000
‘Voices of the 11%’ will engage young creatives to collaborate and develop work to increase youth engagement in the 2021 Festival Fleurieu and contribute to their sense of belonging and identity.

South Australian Youth Arts | Very Happy Children With Bright and Wonderful Futures | $20,000
Theatrical development of Very Happy Children With Bright and Wonderful Futures, a youth led project based on lived experiences of the climate crisis and inspired by School Strike 4 Climate.

Lolly Jar Circus Inc | Bug Off | $13,914
All-abilities physical performance workshops leading to performance, enabling children to express their diverse feelings of COVID 19, grow their self-esteem and focus on their abilities.

Round 2, 2020

Bryce Kraehenbuehl | Film, Merry Christmas Mr. Brown | $9,990
Merry Christmas Mr. Brown is a 15-minute Scandinavian inspired dramedy with funding supporting the production of the film as well as a mentorship with SA producer Sandy Cameron. (Brompton)

Andrew Barnes | Dance, Professional Development | $3,000
Attendance at an internationally renowned dance workshop to further progress his professional skills and abilities. (Salisbury North)

Broken Waves | Music, Turning Point | $5,550
Record and mix a five-song EP, Turning Point, at Wizard Tone Studios, along with marketing and promoting the final product. (St Marys)

Matthew Eisemann | Music, Community Youth & Disability Internet Radio | $3,033
Development and mentoring with industry experts to develop skills as a radio presenter, and production of an internet radio station. (Reynella)

Art Squad | Multi-Arts, The Camp | $6,223
Deliver networking and professional development series for artists aged 16 to 26, with a focus on professional development and community building in six South Australia regional locations. (Port Lincoln)

Anthony Nicola | Theatre, Forgiveness | $8,892
Delivering collaborative possibilities as Anthony directs, Piri Eddy’s award-winning play, Forgiveness, as part of a double bill of new South Australian productions. (Prospect)

AlleyKat Collective | Theatre, Elpis, Captif de Pandore | $9,312
Assist in the second development of Elpis, Captif de Pandore, and show to a small group of mentors and young people in order to refine the work for a season in early 2021. (Crafers)

Round 1, 2020

Allison Chhorn | Film, After Years | $8,052
After Years looks at Cambodian families who have survived the Khmer Rouge genocide and are now living across Australia, the US and Canada, expanding on extensive, recently filmed material in the development of a creative documentary.

Cayleigh Davies | Dance, Retrieve Your Jeans | $9,929
A soulful and quirky collaboration between Cayleigh Davies and WA artist Rita Bush, Retrieve Your Jeans is a new contemporary dance work that will undergo a 3-week development and premiere at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe.

Stakeout Films | Film, The Recordist | $10,000
The Recordist is a 20-minute drama/thriller film exploring moral corruption and ruthless ambition against the topical backdrop of the #MeToo movement in the film industry.

Tamara Hardman | Film, Everything All At Once | $10,000
Everything All At Once is a 15-minute drama/sci-fi film exploring the way teenagers use technology to cope with the state of the world.

The Opal Guitar Quartet | Music, tour to Sydney and New Zealand | $8,500
The Opal Guitar Quartet has been invited to participate, perform and premiere three new South-Australian works in Sydney and attend the Taranaki Summer School in New Zealand.

Felicity Townsend | Visual Art, Floating Goose Exhibition | $1,922
Development and creation of new artwork, culminating in an exhibition at Floating Goose Studios in 2020.

Umeewarra Media | Umee TV | $20,000
Umeewarra Media will launch Umee TV by producing six short, news-style videos covering significant cultural events in the Port Augusta region. These will be directed by Dre Ngatokorua (producer of daily youth-focused program Straight Out Show), produced by a team of young locals and broadcast online.

Leigh Creek Community Progress Association | Muda to Mural | $17,870
Delivery of a 4-week printmaking program for local artists, including the creation of artist books, printmaking techniques, mural design and painting.

Ink Pot Arts | Jack & Jill (working title) | $12,500
To undertake a 6-week rehearsal and development period for the new South Australian play Jack & Jill (working title), to be presented at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe.

Round 2, 2019

Elsy Wameyo | funded $9,631
Production of her debut EP called Elsy Wameyo, consisting of 5 tracks highlighting the diversity in her music, from soulful rhythms to energetic and poetic verses covering genres of soul, hip hop and electronic dance music. In delivering this project Elsy will work in conjunction with award-winning producer Mario Spate and artist Dave Court.

Angus Brill Reed | funded $7,450
To professionally co-produce, mix and master an EP of original songs as to be ready to submit for applications/scholarships and to Industry professionals.

Django Martin-Rowe | funded $10,000
St Morris Sinners will be undertaking a 7-show tour of France, and will centre around the Binic Folk and Blues Festival.

Hugo Fielke | funded $1,700
To undertake a creative development with three Influential South Australian practitioners as to elevate the current body of work to a point where it is rehearsal ready.

Pierre Mukeba | funded  $8,000
To support with the making of new work to exhibit at the Sydney Contemporary, Art Fair in September 2019, following an invitation of support from GAGPROJECTS.

Emmaline Zanelli | funded $9,967
Emmaline Zanelli will lead a group of six female artists in a series of multi-disciplinary collaborative sessions to generate new, experimental artworks. The work will be brought together in a photo-book and exhibited at FELTspace Gallery.

Bernadette Klavins | funded $3,250
Bernadette will undertake a six-month mentorship with established, mid-career visual artist Bridget Currie, and a resulting joint exhibition at Adelaide Central Gallery.

Round 1, 2019

Fi Fraser | funded $1,500
Mentorship with award winning South Australian author Rebekah Clarkson.

Henry Thong | funded $9,932
To create Makers Who Inspire (season 4), a documentary web series exploring art, inspiration and the creative process through intimate interviews with inspiring creators.

Paul Forza | funded $3,456
Funding actor’s wages and location fees for a new short film Il Scioglimento.

Jasmine Crisp | funded $3,000
To research, create and exhibit new work across locations in the UK and Iceland, inclusive of a residency at NES in Skagaströnd, (Iceland), and a solo exhibition at Floating Goose Studios (Adelaide)

Phoebe Patterson de Heer | funded $6,507
Research, development and writing time for creative nonfiction book about living with endometriosis.

Caitlin Bowe | funded $2,150
To support a new body of sculptural work made during and after time spent at the Studio Kura Artist in Residence Program in Itoshima (Japan) and exhibited at FELTspace (Adelaide).

Ausglass UniSA students | funded $3,000
Attendance at the three day NZSAG/AUSGLASS ‘Colab’ conference in Whanganui (New Zealand), providing a unique opportunity to watch, learn and network with world class artists.

Stakeout Films | funded $3,700
To support post-production and marketing on three 10-minute episodes of Stakeout Films’ new comedy web series Filmies.

Cayleigh Davies | funded $2,107To undertake the Master Series, Hofesh Shechter Workshop at Strut Dance and work with Rita Bush at Vancouver Arts Centre on choreographic research and development for a new work.

Jamila Main | funded $9,085
Creative development for “Butterfly Kicks” into a performance ready text culminating in a public showing of excerpts from the script.

Brianna Speight | funded $10,000
Production of a new body of photographic work during a residency in the Limestone Coast, delivery of a youth photography workshop at The Riddoch Gallery and presentation of new work at the Floating Goose Gallery (Adelaide) and Cathleen Edkins Gallery (Mount Gambier).

Emily Francine Palmer | funded $8,300
To support the development of Emily’s manuscript, “That Way Madness Lies”  to a publishable standard over the course of six months. This will be achieved through dedicated writing time and professional development opportunities, such as workshops and manuscript assessment services.

Ink Pot Arts | funded $20,000
To create Whispering Walls (The Walls Have Ears), a hybrid performance project engaging young people and community groups in the Nairne district, for presentation during the 2019 History Festival.

Prospect Theatre for Young People | funded $15,500
For the creative development, rehearsal and production of a new collaborative cross arts project with Cirkidz called “Fear (Not)” for the 2019 DreamBIG Festival.

Lolly Jar Circus Inc. | funded $20,000
To develop and present a circus performance, developed with young people with physical or intellectual disabilities or socially at risk.

Round 2, 2018

Fi Fraser | funded $1,500
Mentorship with award winning South Australian author Rebekah Clarkson.

Gabrielle Lane | funded $6,525
To present ‘Good Mother’ at Adelaide Central Gallery at Adelaide Central School of Art.

Taylor Pfeiffer | funded $1,951
Travel for professional development to Nashville and North Carolina.

Liam Roche | funded $5,333
For Neon Tetra to undertake the recording, mixing and mastering of their upcoming EP ‘When the Morning Comes Again’ (working title).

Becky Hall | funded $6,725
To produce, record and release a debut EP.

Danielle Barrie | funded $5,031
For the research, professional development and creation of new works during a two-week residency at the Bundanon Trust.

Bernadette Klavins | funded $2,353
For the presentation of a body of new sculptural work.

Charlotte Campbell | funded $3,000
To attend the Mediterranean Opera Studio’s six-week intensive summer school.

Patrick Klavins | funded $2,930
Mentorship with acclaimed British actor, director and teacher Gerrard McArthur.

Shane Cook | funded $10,000
To undertake a professional and project development program mentored by local Adelaide professional graffiti artist, Adam Poole.

Stephanie Jaclyn | funded $9,930
To create a short film with the intention of entering it into major film festivals.

Round 1, 2018

Thomas Pearson | funded $10,000
To create new glass works for exhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery (NSW) and attendance at the 2018 Glass Art Society’s Conference in Murano, Italy.

Georgina Chadderton | funded $3,000
Six-week artist residency at 100 Story Building (Melbourne).

AC5 (Africa Connection) | funded $7,260
To record and promote an eight-track EP, On the rise, with Northern Sound System and Producer Nathan Orlick.

Alexander Salkicevic | funded $6,955
To develop the pilot episode of a horror anthology web series, MAD City, supported through a mentorship with David Ashby.

Nicole Miller | funded $10,000
To develop Get a Life, a black rom-com short film serving as a ‘proof of concept’ and a calling card for future opportunities.

Mitre Khammash | funded $6,630
To support the creative development and rework of Counting Bars.

Rhys Cooper | funded $9,000
To showcase a body of work at Denfair – a curated design fair in Melbourne in June 2018.

Rita Bush | funded $9,064
To support second stage development of dance work, Hardened Development, supported by a mentorship with Tobiah Booth-Remmers.

SAYarts | funded $10,000
To support On The Fringe Youth Ensemble’s youth led work I Still Have No Friends for performance at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2018.

Round 2, 2017

Anna Dowling | funded $9,000
For the development and exhibition of a body of artwork that explores stroke experiences for Aboriginal people in Australia.

Sam Hall | funded $3,000
To undertake a ten-month International Dance Apprenticeship with Swedish dance company Norrdans.

Georgina Chadderton | funded $2,961
To undertake a mentorship and skills development to learn about running workshops, teaching comics and operating a project space from Campbell Whyte, co-proprietor of Milktooth Project Space.

Alana Jagt | funded $5,710
To record, mix, manufacture and launch a full-length album with award winning engineer Tom Barnes at acclaimed Hawthornedene studio facility Mixmasters.

Gabrielle Ballard on behalf of Abraska | funded $5,277
To compose, record, produce and replicate a 5 track EP of ‘global-indie-pop’ tunes.

Jamie Harding | funded $7,300
This support the first stage development of Armistice – a production telling the many untold stories of youth soldiers and The Great War told through the eyes of children.

Ladylike Theatre Collective | funded $9,797
To develop and produce a new explorative play Misfits, with Flinders University Drama Centre 2018 second year students and director Sarah Dunn.

Karlien van Rooyen | funded $9,442
To undertake a residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, and to develop a modular ceramic installation around themes of appropriate technology for sustainable living.

Kurt Bosecke | funded $2,000
To facilitate his second solo exhibition Beastie Boy at Prospect Gallery in September 2017, supported by Tutti Arts.

Round 1, 2017

Stephanie Norman | funded $9,860
Short film project, The Final Chapter. Funds to assist career development of local cast and crew and submission of the final work into various national and international film festivals.

Anthony Frith | funded $6,723
Development of a pitch package for new web-series development, to pitch to production companies, funding bodies and broadcasters.

Kiara Milera | funded $10,000
Film Attachment on the Aboriginal Diggers Project, offering on the job training, professional development and mentoring.

Katerina Bryant | funded $2,418
Research and development for creative nonfiction manuscript, A Pig in Mud.

Kiah Lanagan | funded $6,455
Recording, mixing and mastering of a five track EP of original songs and accompanying collateral art work for local group Dean Forever.

Daniel Thorpe | funded $10,000
Travel to New York to workshop new works with Conrad Tao for presentation on the east and west coasts of the US and in Adelaide, along with a mentorship with American composer Amy Beth Kirsten on the set of her new musical theatre work Quixote.

Kaspar Schmidt Mumm | funded $5,000
Eat Me, an art installation of visual arts, theatre and live musical performance, designed to interrogate trends of consumption within contemporary culture.

Andrew Purvis | funded $2,300
A curated group exhibition, drawing together talented video and performance artists from South and Western Australia. The collaboration brings emerging and experienced, intergenerational artists together, developing interstate networking opportunities and outcomes.

Gener8 Theatre | funded $20,000
Stage 2 development of Selfie # Me, a multi arts/theatre experience devised via cultural exchange. Jamie Harding, Gener8 and award winning mentors will work with young people from both Mount Gambier and Marion to theatrically dissect cyberbullying. A new work will emerge resonating with young people throughout Australia whilst empowering future makers.

Yewth Magazine | funded $20,000
Yewth Magazine’s 2017 printed issues for Summer, Winter and the Adelaide Fringe. Funding supports monthly featured videos of projects and artists, facilitation of workshops and seminars with industry professionals for young people and two rounds of interns mentored by members of the Yewth team.

Round 2, 2016

Ruby Dolman | funded $5,336
Intensive summer course with Batsheva Dance Company (Israel) and a residency with ilDance (Sweden).

Dylan Coleman | funded $4,250
Writing mentorship for an emerging Aboriginal speculative fiction writer to develop his first draft novel ‘Lysis’ to final draft stage.

Taylor Pfeiffer | funded $3,900
Recording of a five track EP of original songs with ARIA award-winning producer Simon Johnson.

Kelsey Robinson | funded $5,307
To participate in the 2016 International Flute Summer School and attendance at the 2016 British Flute Festival.

Andrew Baird | funded $3,768
Classical flute mentorships and summer courses as part of the British Isles Music Festival (UK) and the Summer Music Academy Sinaia (Romania).

Georgia Simmons | funded $4,366
Attendance at the Choral Institute at Oxford (UK) to further develop conducting technique and musicianship.

Company AT | funded $9,274
Workshop program to build performance and theatre skills for 8-12 year olds on the Autism Spectrum.

Back Porch Theatre| funded $6,250
Debut stage production of new South Australian work Schmidt by Lochy Maybury.

Zoe Woods | funded $3,481
Development of new glass works to show at the Sculptural Objects Functional Art Fair in Chicago in November 2016

Lauren Mustillo | funded $4,824
To participate in the Open Palace Programme, a curatorial course in the UK.

Kate Power | funded $6,500
Participation in a visual arts residency program at the NARS Foundation and video workshops with Mono No Aware (New York).

Round 1, 2016

Callan Fleming | funded $3,300
Second phase development of Cleanse, a dance based performance experience.

Liana Skrzypczak | funded $3,150
Professional mentorship with award-winning fantasy writer Sean Williams.

RAYGUN | funded $6,390
Professionally recorded five-track promotional EP.

Abbey Howlett | funded $3,500
Professional mentorship with Melbourne musician Mojo Juju and a short technical course at The Australian Institute of Music.

Alex De Porteous | funded $3,435
Mentored development of a cabaret show about body image and the pop music industry.

Alexander Ioakim | funded $5,000
Jazz saxophone mentorship with Ben Wendel in New York.

Taiaha Newnham | funded $6,607
To complete the recording of a debut solo EP and produce promotional video clips.

Josh Belperio & Samuel Williams | funded $10,000
Mentored development of material for a musical theatre adaptation.

Marina Gellmann | funded $3,743
To devise and perform a debut solo circus show for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe.

Kate Power | funded $3,496
Professional mentorship with Melbourne-based visual artist, Sarah CrowEST.

Jenna Pippett | funded $1,568
Solo installation at Seventh Gallery (Melbourne).

Alex Bishop-Thorpe | funded $1,611
Photographic projection exhibition at CACSA.

Aida Azin | funded $3,945
International mentorship with Manila based visual artist Jeona Zoleta with a group exhibition outcome.

Round 2, 2015

Lewis Major | funded $6,328
Professional skills development and mentorship with choreographer Shaun Parker.

Nelson Hedditch (aka Dialect) | funded $5,900
Hip Hop mentorship program and development residency in the Bronx, New York.

War On Convention Films | funded $7,763
To create a split screen, point-of-view short film entitled Them.

Kiah Gossner | funded $5,302
Double album recording of the Vane of Barbs score, a song cycle based on Ghandi’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.

Nathan May | funded $4,921
To create a quality five track promotional recording.

Gener8 Theatre | funded $10,000
Stage one research/development and workshop phase of multi-arts theatre project Selfie # Me.

Back Porch Theatre | funded $8,334
A script development of a new Australian drama Milk-teeth written by emerging playwright Peter Beaglehole.

Anna Dowling | funded $2,965
Development of new work and first solo exhibition exploring the theme of imprisonment through an Aboriginal lens.

Zoe Woods | funded $4,465
Development of new glass works for a major exhibition at BMG gallery in October 2015.

Round 1, 2015

Raelke Grimmer | funded $6,415
To create the inaugural print edition of online multilingual magazine Tongues.

Dirty Boulevard | funded $2,350
To record a high quality five track EP.

Junction Australia | funded $7,330
Hip hop skills and career development initiative led by the Art of Rhyme Steering Committee.

Blake Parham | funded $3,500
Mentorship with acclaimed classical baritone Peter Coleman Wright in Sydney.

Jack Hodges | funded $4,810
Mentorship in video installation with US interdisciplinary artist Bill Shannon.

Jack Ladd | funded $9,850
To create ‘Legs Express’ portable power sculpture bikes as an off-grid power source for arts events.

Kym Begg and artists | funded $3,800
To present contemporary play Venezuela at the Bakehouse in April 2015.

Katie-Ann Houghton | funded $5,000
Mentorship with glass blower Joe Cariati at 141 Penn Studio in Los Angeles.

The Analogue Lab | funded $2,372
To support creation of experimental photography pieces for exhibition at Hobart’s Constance ARI gallery space in January 2015.

Courtney Rogers | funded $5,061
Two month residency at Takt gallery and project space, Berlin.

Round 1, 2014

AJZ Productions | part funded $6000
To undertake a series of workshops for a new theatre piece A Sense of Home that will be developed for presentation at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe by True North Theatre Company.

Australian Experimental Arts Foundation | funded $8500
To undertake the project Bones, a contemporary visual art exhibition curated for and with children in March 2014.

Tilda Cobham-Hervey | funded $2550
To develop a performance and large scale art installation to be presented to industry professionals in 2014. The installation will be showcased in conjunction with the international release of the Feature Film 52 Tuesdays.

Anna Gore | funded $1235
To produce a body of non-representational paintings and sculptures for a solo exhibition.

Katherine Gurr | funded $1870
To participate in Kickstart, an intensive training opportunity for elite dance students, with Australian Dance Theatre in January/February 2014.

Ashton Malcolm | funded $5680
To undertake a four week creative development for Trouble and Strife, a new theatre work for secondary students exploring the lives of Australian women on the home-front in WW1.

Emily McAllan | funded $4111
To attend a filmmaking program at the Nes Artist Residency Centre in Skagastrond (Iceland) to develop a new site-specific film work.

The Mill | part-funded $3000
To undertake a mentorship with Hannah Mathews, working on site-specific knowledge and application of curatorial skills through development of an exhibition program.

Maggie Rutjens | part-funded $6000
To produce debut album consisting of 8 original songs and 2 cover songs.

SA Writers Centre | part-funded $7600
A team of six young professional emerging artists to be selected to work with the SA Writers Centre to develop a project to benefit young South Australian writers.

Matt Shilcock | funded $4161
To undertake a three week professional development residency with integrated dance company Full Radius Dance (Georgia, USA) in March 2014.

Carly Snoswell | funded $5865
To participate in the NARS Foundation International Artist Residency Program from April to June 2014 in New York.

Hannah Williams | funded $2845
To undertake a printmaking residency in Mexico to further develop studio practice, extend professional practice and work with artists from around the world.

Round 2, 2014

ActNow Theatre | funded $5,630
To support a mentorship for an emerging producer with a particular focus on partnership development, tour management and grant writing.

Henry Arrowsmith | funded $5,000
To support final development and presentation of new South Australian play Man in a Bag.

Alice Blanch | funded $5,103
To undertake a four week residency in August 2014 on Flinders Island to explore the isolated landscape and respond though photographic artwork.

Dylan Coleman | funded $4,120
To support a writing mentorship for an emerging Aboriginal speculative fiction writer.

Kiah Gossner | funded $4,268
To develop, compose and arrange a new song cycle based on Ghandi’s Seven Deadly Sins.

Molly Harris | funded $3,214
To participate in a six day photography workshop in Burma with Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone.

Alicia Harvie | funded $2,825
To support intensive development of a new pop-up dance theatre work, to premiere at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe.

Phillip Kavanagh | funded $3,949
To undertake a literary Internship with new writing theatre company, Theatre503 (London).

Flynn O’Malley | funded $4,663
To purchase specialist metal working equipment to assist in the creation of sculptures made from reclaimed mechanical parts.

Jess Taylor | funded $1,180
Support to mount a solo exhibition at FELTspace gallery of photographic and sculptural work in September 2014.

Zoe Woods | funded $4,788
To support development of a new body of glass work for a solo exhibition at Sabbia gallery (Sydney) in May 2015.

Olivia Zanchetta | funded $8,000
To support a set and costume design mentorship with leading Australian theatre designer Victoria Lamb.

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