Carclew is responsible for policy, funding and strategic initiatives that nourish the artistic and cultural lives of South Australian children and young people aged 26 and under.

The following Carclew policies and procedures are available for download:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Child Safe Environment Policy (Child Safe Environment Procedure)
  • Respectful Behaviours Policy (Respectful Behaviours Procedure)
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy (Workplace Health and Safety Procedure)
  • Grievance Resolution Policy (Grievance Resolution Procedures)
  • Privacy Policy (Privacy Procedure)
  • Workplace Surveillance Policy
  • Achievement Review and Professional Development Policy (Achievement Review and Professional Development Procedure)
  • Motor Vehicle Policy (Motor Vehicle Procedure)

In addition, Carclew has available a range of useful guidelines:

Carclew is actively developing additional policies and procedures, as required. Policies and procedures of the Carclew Board are reviewed on a regular basis.

These policies do not represent legal advice. If you have any queries about your obligations, you should seek your own independent legal advice.

For queries in regards to Carclew Board policies, procedures and guidelines, please contact theĀ Policy Administration Officer



Australia Council Children in Art Protocols
Arts Law Centre for Australia
The National Companion Card Scheme
Department of Human Services Screening Unit