Creative Producer Regional Youth

Co-funded and managed by Carclew and Country Arts SA, the role of Creative Producer Regional Youth was created to connect and champion creative people aged 12 – 26 years, living across regional South Australia. The role was filled by Alysha Herrmann, an experienced and award-winning youth arts practitioner, artist and arts worker, and daughter of the regions.

The specific project outcomes delivered were developed by Alysha in collaboration and consultation with young people and communities, going where the need, energy and demand asked.

The project…

  • Produced new creative outcomes with young artists from regional South Australia (and regional Australia more broadly)
  • Championed, connected, and nurtured existing activities that serve or are led by young people in regional SA
  • Encouraged and provoked new ways of thinking about regional youth engagement within Country Arts SA and Carclew
  • Continually advocated for youth arts and regional arts via social media, in-person meetings and through project design and delivery

The project employed 85 people in 805 hours of work with over 3,000 participant attendances. Project outcomes were supported by the South Australian government, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the Regional Arts Fund through Country Arts SA.

The following outcomes were delivered:

Youth Arts Facilitator Hothouse (June 2018)

Over the June long weekend in 2018, thirteen creative practitioners passionate about working with young people and in exploring regional practice came together in Whyalla for the Youth Arts Facilitator Hothouse. Designed as an individual capacity building initiative for youth arts practitioners, attendees spent the weekend sharing practice, reflecting on personal and professional goals, scheming new ideas, unpacking big questions, being inspired by Whyalla and each other and considering how together they could nurture and advocate for the youth arts sector locally and nationally.

The HotHouse included eating and sleeping in shared spaces to create further opportunities for the crucial relationship building element of the weekend.

Art Squad (October 2018 – December 2020)

Art Squad was a two-year investment in the creative journeys of nine young people living in regional South Australia. Over the course of the program, Art Squad had access to weekly group Zoom sessions, one-to-one check-ins with the Creative Producer, a professional development budget and a range of tailored support to pursue their individual creative goals. Art Squad provided support, networks and skills development to navigate all the ‘bits’ of bringing to life creative project ideas. Bits like putting together a budget, applying for grants, planning a project, marketing and evaluation, facilitation and leadership skills, collaborating with other artists, building new networks and creating a career path for the future.

Writing Place (residency September 2019, publication April 2020)

Drawing on Australian Theatre for Young People’s National Studio experience and using the combined knowledge and expertise of Carclew and Country Arts SA, Writing Place was a deliberate investment in an emerging generation of regional Australian storytellers.

Writing Place was a nine-day residency held in the Flinders Ranges and Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. Fourteen participating writers spent the residency with mentors Emily Steel, Caleb Lewis and Mary Anne Butler in a formative creative experience. The writer’s brief throughout the residency was to write a ten-minute monologue for a teenage performer that spoke to the experience of being a young person living in regional Australia.

Towards the end of the residency, seven local teenage actors spent the afternoon working with directors Fraser Corfield and Edwin Kemp Attrill to bring the monologue scripts to life for the writers, mentors and invited guests.

The monologues were subsequently published by Currency Press in a collection called This Was Urgent Yesterday in April 2020.

This Was Urgent Yesterday performance explorations (March 2020 – August 2021)

Young people in Keith, Port Augusta and Clare were given access to the This Was Urgent Yesterday scripts and provided mentoring and practical resources to explore and present performance explorations. Due to the impact of COVID these explorations were predominantly digital and/or in schools, however Keith Area School was able to present an in-person performance outcome in October 2020 and a final film outcome.

Mono Club (August – September 2020)

Mono Club was a virtual “book club” using the This Was Urgent Yesterday scripts. Facilitators Alyson Evans and Kirste Vandergiessen worked with five young people over eight weeks to explore the scripts, including guest appearances with some of the writers. Alyson and Kirste then developed a digital DIY Mono Club resource currently available nationally for schools, youth theatres and other groups of young people to download and use (at no cost) to run their own local or digital Mono Clubs.


Make Games Now (August 2020)

Make Games Now was a month-long program to introduce aspiring game developers to each-other, and to tools, ideas and examples that could kickstart their own game development journey. The program was delivered fully online by lead facilitator Maize Wallin, Creative Producer Alysha Herrmann and selected guest artists. Participants were introduced to game development software and programs, a curated list of games to explore, and insights into opportunities within the gaming industry. At the conclusion of the program three participants took over as an ongoing community owned space to share and connect.

Toolkits: Regional Playwriting (July – September 2020)

Express Media, Country Arts SA and Carclew delivered Toolkits: Regional Playwriting 2020 as part of Express Media’s 2020 Toolkits series, alongside three other writing forms.

The project identified 8 emerging playwrights and performance makers who were supported through a 12week online mentoring program, facilitated by playwright Jessica Bellamy. Two sessions with guest presenters were broadcast to a wider audience of young writers via YouTube live. The experience empowered the participating writers to recognise themselves as artists, part of a national industry with a network of like-minded colleagues across the country.

The Art of Grants (December 2019 – March 2020)

The Art of Grants was a 7-week series of hour-long interactive workshops to take young artists aged 26 or under from ‘I have an idea’ through to hitting submit on a finished grant application. The workshops were co-facilitated by Creative Producer, Regional Youth Alysha Herrmann and Carclew Funding Coordinator Rebecca Meston.

I Feel Like Writing (November 2020 – May 2021)

I Feel Like Writing was a mini-project to engage with and inspire young Riverland creative writers to share their words and perspectives about the world around them, to make connections with other young writers, and take a step out of their comfort zones. The project was deliberately designed to utilise the Chaffey Theatre’s screening and exhibition of Anne Frank: Parallel Stories as a launching point to explore what is meaningful to the lives of young people in the Riverland here and now.

Delivered through a series of weekly workshops and dedicated independent writing time, mentors offered feedback prior to a final virtual sharing outcome for invited guests. I Feel Like Writing was facilitated in person by local emerging writers Kirste Vandergiessen and Stuart Watkinson with guest artist Roz Bellamy.

Port Augusta Playwriting Residency (June & October 2018)

Emerging theatre-makers Kyron Weetra and Josh Mensch, and emerging film-maker Shay Leach spent seven days in residence at Port Augusta Secondary School working with six drama classes and an afterschool drama program. The aim of the project was to encourage students to share their own ideas, meet and collaborate with emerging South Australian theatre-makers, gain insights into the industry and to develop skills in creating, working with, and interpreting texts. It provided an opportunity for students and teachers to be engaged with and inspired by a live creative process and for the three emerging artists to develop their skills working with young people in a regional context, with mentoring and in-person support from the Creative Producer.


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