Creative Producer Regional Youth

Co-funded and managed by Carclew and Country Arts SA, the role of the Creative Producer Regional Youth was created to connect and champion creative people aged 12 – 26 living across regional South Australia.

As a daughter of the regions, Alysha Herrmann slipped naturally into the role. Alysha now works as the Statewide Regional Manager and Riverland Coordinator at Writers SA. She is an experienced and award winning youth arts practitioner, artist and arts worker.

In collaboration with young people and their communities, Alysha developed specific and targeted projects and programs to build the creative capacity of new generations of creative leaders. Following the successful Youth Arts Faciliatator Hothouse, Alysha developed ART SQUAD, a cohort of nine young, regional South Australians. ART SQUAD is a creative youth program built to identify and nurture the next generation of creative leaders in regional South Australia. Initiated through a partnership between Carclew and Country Arts SA, ART SQUAD generated and delivered creative projects in their community and support other members to do the same in their own regions.

Express Media, in partnership with Carclew and Country Arts SA have developed and launched Toolkits: Regional Playwriting. A 12-week, step-by-step program brings together play theory, practical exercises, script study, group workshopping, and one-on-one mentorship to guide young regional writers through the ins and outs of playwriting.

Follow Alysha's travels by reading her blog at The Dirt - Diary of a regional producer

If you or your organisation is interested in supporting creative outcomes by young people living in regional communities, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss further.

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