SALA Emerging Curators 2018 presents Identity. Connection. Everyday.

Emerging Curators

The Emerging Curators program was developed in partnership with the City of Adelaide.

2018 Emerging Curators

Emerging Curators, Gabrielle Lane and Carly Dodd (mentored by Jill Newman), presented concurrent exhibitions across four gallery spaces:

31 May - 3 September 2018



Main Foyer Gallery
Curator – Carly Dodd
Artists - Wilson Adams, Jasmine Duong, Jack McBride, Mia Wanganeen, Carly Dodd

This exhibition explores the identities of young people through representations of culture, political, social and sexual identity. Each artist represents a part of their identity in creative and meaningful ways. Knowing where we come from, who and what we love, that which we stand for and how we see ourselves helps to understand what makes up our identity. Understanding our identity is important because it is who we are. It makes us different. It makes us strong.

Fighting society’s labels forced onto young people by stereotypes is a constant battle. Through this exhibition, a number of young people’s works are on display, expressing each young artist’s own representations of self. Art enables us to put who we are on to a canvas or in the focus of a lens. It allows us to stand up and unapologetically say

“This is who I am.”



Reconciliation Room
Curator – Carly Dodd
Artists - Mali Allen-Place, Rachael Anderson, Lawson Dodd

This exhibition explores the notion that much of the Aboriginal, contemporary visual arts community, artists, exhibitions and collections we see are predominantly represented by older, established artists. There are not as many young, emerging Aboriginal artists represented highlighting a cultural and creative gap.

This exhibition aims to promote and lift young, South Australian Aboriginal artists. It highlights their significance and the important role they can play in beginning to fill this gap. Importantly this exhibition also aims for young people to have opportunities to contribute to the preservation of their culture, through a variety of creative mediums.



Art Pod/ Breezeway
Curator – Gabi Lane
Art Pod Artists - Jasmine Crisp (Painting/Drawing), Manal Younus (Spoken Word/Text).
Breezeway Screen Artists (June/July) - Amanda Meadows (Performance, Photographic Stills), (Aug/Sep) Jasmine Crisp (Painting/Drawing)

everyday people pass by on their everyday route to their everyday jobs and everyday lives.

This pop-up exhibition finds inspiration in daily rhythms of the city and of those who inhabit it. Emerging Adelaide artist Jasmine Crisp and spoken word artist Manal Younus bring art and poetry into the urban space and society of Adelaide, responding to the everyday people who enliven our city.

We are invited to consider how might we view the world after seeing it reflected back to us? Responding directly to the space, a fishbowl around which the city moves, the artists reflect what they see through live drawing and language-based artwork.

everyday. exists within an expanded field of art-making, activating the breezeway between the Adelaide Town Hall and adjacent council buildings through art. As an ongoing work-in-progress, the exhibition evokes a sense of curiosity and encourages passersby to consider how art can reflect and enrich the streets of Adelaide city.

Our society is saturated by the visual stimuli of commercial branding and advertisement. everyday. instead provides a welcome interruption, one which encourages us to see our city through the eyes of the artists.

Amanda Meadows’ performative work Seeing With Both Eyes will be shown on the Breezeway Screens from 31 May – 31 July 2018, linking in with the Panpapanpalya joint dance event occurring in Adelaide in July.

Time-lapse video footage of Jasmine Crisp painting everyday. will be shown on the Breezeway screens for SALA, from 1 August – 3 September 2018.

31 May - 3 September 2018

Live painting every Thursday between 31 May and 26 July.

Interactive - Take a photo or a selfie with the mural and use the hashtag #artpodeveryday

The Emerging Curator program is an initiative of the City of Adelaide, delivered in partnership by Carclew, registered as part of SALA Festival.

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