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Corinna Di Niro first studied Commedia dell’Arte with maestro Antonio Fava in Italy in 2004. She then went on to further develop her theatre skills by performing for a number of international companies and developed her own shows and training method in Commedia dell’Arte.

She has worked with Antonio Fava on three occasions: 2010 at the Inaugural Commedia dell'Arte Festival in Brisbane, 2011 for her PhD in Commedia dell'Arte and 2013 to co-facilitate a 2-day professional development in Commedia dell'Arte and Physical Theatre for teachers and theatre practitioners. 

She has to date completed a Bachelor of Media Arts / Drama (2009), a first class Honours Degree focusing on Commedia dell’Arte (2010) and will soon have a PhD in Commedia dell’Arte (2014), which she received a scholarship to do so. 

Corinna has been invited to teach Commedia dell'Arte in South America, to present her research at the IDEA congress in France and recently was in Italy discussing Commedia dell'Arte with the Sartori family and members of Teatro Piccolo, famous for Commedia's revival in 1947. 

With a number of international and national conferences, papers, TV segments, workshops and performances under her belt, Corinna Di Niro, with her combination of training, performance, research and education, is highly sought after when it comes to Commedia dell’Arte and it's variants!

Corinna Di Niro is now the foremost commedia practitioner in Australia
Barry Lenny, November 2011

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