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The Call of the Bobfish
The Call of the Bobfish

Gaia Theatre

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A theatre company that excites, inspires, entertains and educates primary school students about the environmental issues facing our planet – its future, its past and its present.

Physical extravagance, visual vibrancy, comedic fantasy and entrancing soundscapes unite in Gaia’s work to bring the magic of theatre to our future generation – engaging them in stories which celebrate planet earth.

Gaia Theatre continues to foster creativity and help build self-esteem in young people through exposure tovibrant theatre.Our focus is on stimulating a creative approach to life issues and environmental sustainability.

At Gaia we seek to create theatre that strengthens students’ learning through stories that appeal to their wonderful sense of the ridiculous and, also, to their acute awareness of the problems facing our planet.

We also run storytelling workshops with class groups. These fun and noisy workshops focus on encouraging the students to be confident in their voices and in their physical expression.


The Broggen of the Glump

The Search for Nanuk (shortlisted for a Ruby Award 2011)

The Tale of Shaggles and Petrookio

Call of the Bobfish

Call of the Bobfish
Deep down in the magical world beneath the waves, the wise and ancient Blobfish needs help. He gathers together a jumbly bunch of sea creatures and sends them on a quest to bring a person all the way down to his home at the deep blue bottom of the sea. 

Trouble is on the way and Prawn, Swordfish and Leafy Sea Dragon are some of the characters that must overcome their fears and work together in order to protect their ocean home.

Each creature in this quirky crew is both help and hindrance…….

Can they overcome their differences and work as a team? How will they get a person to the very bottom of the ocean? And can Blobfish save them all from the great unknown?

Suitable for 4-11 year olds.

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