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Choreographer Jade Erlandsen has been dancing since her early teenage years, experimenting with many styles including Jazz, Funk, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, Latin, Zumba, Choreography and Repertoire. Jade completed a Bachelor of Dance Performance at AIT ARTS (now ACA) in 2004, where she was trained by some of the best dancers and instructors from Australia and overseas. In 2006 Jade started her own business, Take The Floor, which promotes dance education by exposing students to an enduring art form.   With the aim to make dance accessible and fun, Jade hopes tointroduce dance to a wide range of people with little or no dance experience, and challenge the current perception of dance whilst initiating choices towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Jade wants to continue her strong commitment to regional dance education within Australia, and is also looking forward to working more with inclusive dance to promote movement amongst people with a disability.  

While Jade is undertaking all of the above she hopes to forward her own performing and choreographing career within South Australia and overseas.

Tie is a dance comedy about consumerism and conformation and is ready to perform in your school by professional Adelaide dancers. Dance and comedy may not seem a natural fit, but we are striving to make contemporary dance more exciting and entertaining for your students.  By using popular music, everyday themes and collaborations, with some of Adelaide funniest people Tie is a great way to ease students into contemporary dance.

‘They may be young but their professionalism is clear - this is a well-rehearsed piece with high production standards and a satisfying structure.  The choreography plays between funky slapstick and more complex turning and rolling sequences.’   Lowdown Magazine, 2011

Rumour Has It
An interactive performance workshop for primary  schools, this show is all about rumours and how things aren’t always what they seem.  Primary school students will learn that what you hear or see isn’t always fact in a performance workshop in line with the new curriculum.

Through a game show format, students will interact with professional dancers in games, activities and learn fresh dance moves with a unique anti bullying focus.  They will even contribute choreography making each performance unique. When people dance, the interplay of visual, auditory, spatial, temporal and kinaesthetic perception evokes emotional and cognitive meanings.

Each performance workshop goes for 45 minutes and is broken into elements of a game show. There are ‘dance breaks’ where students sit and watch the professionals, and fun interactive games and exercises where the students get up and move. Through a strong focus on literacy, students will become aware of the power of words and how art relates to society.  Students will be encouraged to generate, realise and respond to dance by working with a specific stimulus or idea.

Audience sizes are small, encouraging maximum participation by all, with every student contributing to the performance. 

Learning outcomes include:

  • self expression and creativity
  • working individually and as a team
  • awareness of safe dance practices
  • anti bullying focus
  • understanding of anatomy as applied to dance
  • appreciation of different dance forms and why people create dances
  • exposure to working artists to show dance as a viable career option
  • learning to become critically discerning audience members through responding to dance
  • developing the ability to see existing situations in new ways
  • exploring the creative possibilities of the English language

Viewing dance can be an engaging live experience developing a lifelong passion supporting personal expression in changing social contexts, from early childhood to teenage and later years.

'It was great for dance appreciation among my students... This is a great show to ease students into dance performances, as the dance breaks are broken up with interactive games and workshops. It kept their attention the whole time... I was so surprised to see how engaged the older boys were. They became great role models for younger students within the arts.' SA Schools

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