Zen and the Art of Selling Shows - Kim Peter Kovac, 2005

Come Out, Young People and the Arts Australia and the Australia Council’s Audience and Marketing Development Division teamed up in 2005 to create a two day series of pitches to a group of international presenters from the US, Japan, Korea, and Brazil that included Kim Peter Kovac, Masami Miyashita, Luiza Monteiro, Hisami Shimoyama, and Kim Woo Ok. As Director of Youth and Family Programs at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, Kim Peter Kovac had been on the receiving end of numerous pitches from TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) companies in the US. Finding that Australian companies were still unused to pitching their work for international presenters, Lowdown convinced Kovac to put down some tips on paper.

The article was re-published the US and used as a discussion paper for the Mid-Atlantic Arts Conference in the USA in 2006.

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