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Echoes of Rococo

Exhibition dates: 10 Apr 2017 - 28 May 2017
Where: Carclew Foyer Gallery
Curator: Olivia Kubiak
Artists: Christina Peek, Georgina Chadderton, Amanda Ng, Tayla Carlaw

Curatorial Statement:
The rococo was an artistic style and movement which started in France in the 18th century. This movement has always fascinated me with its inviting style. It is charismatic, whether it be the elaborate detailing and luxurious gold finishes of its decorative arts or the soft pastels colours used in its images of cherubs, nymphs, and young women picnicking dressed in their pretty gowns.  However, the themes that surround the rococo fascinate me even more. Love, flirtation, pleasure, eroticism, myth, youth and playfulness dominate the genre, which is captivating in itself as there are not many other art movements that purely depict the light-hearted things in life. Leisure and play were the subjects at the forefront of rococo art.

Echoes of Rococo aims to reflect how these ideas, so strongly associated with the rococo period,  are still prevalent in the work of today’s contemporary artists. The artists cheekily and playfully express the associated themes of this movement as they reinterpret the rococo. I want to explore how these themes are characterised in art in 2017. I think that the spontaneity and playfulness of this movement reverberate through contemporary art, and that wistful allegories have an important place in this exhibition which disengages us from reality- even if just for a little while. The rococo implied a life of leisure, which is something most of us desire – after all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of fun?

The four artists in this exhibition mirror themes of the rococo in very different ways. Georgina’s work is orientated with innocence and youth, and her charming sketches take us all back to our childhoods. The work of Christina is orientated around romance and her works are inspired by love stories. Tayla focuses on beauty and women in the natural world, and Amanda is fascinated with myths and eroticism.

6 – 8pm
Thursday 20 April 
Carclew Foyer Gallery, 11 Jeffcott Street North Adelaide

Light refreshments care of Alpha Box & Dice.

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Exhibition continues til 28 May 
Open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri

All works are offered for sale and can be purchased at Carclew's reception desk or by contacting the artists directly.


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Banner image: Christina Peek, 'The Love jumpers'

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    Echoes of Rococo


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