Beyond These Walls

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Beyond These Walls

Exhibition dates: 23 February - 24 March 2017
Where: Carclew Foyer Gallery
Curator: Olivia Kubiak
Artists: Alaska Young, Cara Pearson, Gabrielle Cirocco, Lucy Timbrell and Viray Thach 

Curatorial Statement:
A place can leave a lasting impression on people; it can be nostalgic, familiar or possess a certain charm. This exhibition explores how these impressions can be preserved and how artists respond to and work with the urban environment. Beyond These Walls aims to portray how the architecture, people, nature and popular image-making have impacted artists and what it is about a certain place that speaks to them. The artists are observers and document cultural experiences and this is demonstrated through the subject matter in their art. They are the critics and fringe dwellers of society and may be considered as ‘outsiders’ examining living culture and society. Some artists situate their work in the urban space by working on the streets and others by creating work in studios which have been influenced by the way culture is manifested in the city and beyond. Art influenced by the urban environment tells individual stories of the artists and Beyond These Walls will give the audience a glimpse into what these stories are about. The artists showcased in Beyond These Walls are actively making statements about contemporary visual culture in the lived environment. What role does the living environment have on our everyday lives? Does it say something about us? Often it reflects societal and cultural priorities and aims to find what is important.

Art can be peaceful or radical, hostile or sympathetic, impressively executed or childish, unique or imitative but all artists who contribute to this type of art have formed some sort of connection with the lived environment and understand how to communicate within it or outside of it. They form a connection with the place and its citizens and their art can be statements of protest, criticism, satire, humour, beauty or rebellion – urban spaces and natural environments can be a cultural hub of ideas and expression. Beyond These Walls will demonstrate these ideas and show the audience artists engage with the urban environment and beyond.

5:30 – 7:30pm
Thursday 23 January
Carclew Foyer Gallery, 11 Jeffcott Street North Adelaide

Light refreshments care of Alpha Box & Dice.

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Exhibition continues til 24 March 
Open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri

All works are offered for sale and can be purchased at Carclew's reception desk or by contacting the artists directly.


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Banner image: Gabi Cirroco, Little embroidered bricks

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  • Feb 23
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    Beyond These Walls


    Carclew Foyer Gallery


    Join us for the opening of our Foyer Gallery Exhibition BEYOND THESE WALLS - the first by our 2017 curator-in-residence Olivia Kubiak


    5:30 - 7:30pm