Foyer Gallery Exhibitions

High Gloss and Fairy Floss

Exhibition dates: 1 December - 22 January
Where: Carclew Foyer Gallery
Curator: Ingrid Goetz 
Artists: Chelsea Nichols

I am fascinated by the way that we curate our lives online – what we share, and what remains hidden. We are a generation that has grown up with social media and even if we wanted to, we can't escape it. It's worked its way into our personal and professional lives, it's too late to untangle ourselves from it now.

To me Chelsea's works speak to the idea that behind the images of perfection we see on our screens lie people who are many faceted, with darker sides and sharper edges. By examining these fractured faces in their overly ornate frames, the viewer is left to wonder -if we could see past the high gloss and fairy floss we share with each other on social media, what, or who, would we see?

Ingrid Goetz, Curator

We use social media to self-curate an image & construct an identity piece-by-piece, creating a projection of ourselves that fits an ideal. Using candy colours and embellishments, I create the vague shape of a face. My painting style is my own personal brand of torture. I construct an image and then proceed to tear it to pieces in an attempt to create a balance between opposing marks. I force elements into the image, layer upon layer, until an equilibrium is reached between what is revealed and what is obscured.

Chelsea Nicholls, Artist

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