Kids Against Humanity

Kids Against Humanity represents a long relationship with a performance ensemble of young people aged 12-19 in Adelaide's Southern suburbs.

It began in 2014 with a project called Run Zombie, Run before turning into a performance ensemble called Kids Against Humanity in 2015. Kids Against Humanity presented their first project outcome Zombie Gauntlet in 2015, followed by their second - the very ambitious Losing Faith in Unicorns as part of the dreamBIG Children’s Festival in May 2017.

These young people are ambitious, brave, fierce, talented and have so much to contribute. And with the ongoing support of Carclew and City of Onkaparinga, they’ll continue to be supported to explore and uncover future (and unknown) opportunities.


You say that because adults have been teenagers, they understand teenagers. This is faulty reasoning. I have been, variously, an infant, a toddler, a small child, a preteen, et cetera et cetera. However, I am no longer any of those things and even though I have many memories of being a small child/preteen/etc., that does not mean that I still remember how it was to be at that stage. No matter how clear, detailed, or emotional one’s memories are of a certain stage of their life, it is in no way equivalent to actually being there.


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