Losing Faith in Unicorns

(Unfortunately) everyone has to grow up.

Enter a real house in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and lose yourself in the dark and sometimes hilarious corners of a young person’s mind.

Created by real teenagers in collaboration with professional artists, Losing Faith in Unicorns is an invitation to touch, hear, sit, open, rifle through and explore. Part performance, part immersive installation, part choose your own experience, and it’s all part of dreamBIG Children’s Festival.

Losing Faith in Unicorns is presented by Kids Against Humanity, an initiative of Carclew jointly undertaken with the City of Onkaparinga.

Created, devised, designed and performed by Kids Against Humanity ensemble
Cass Morgan-Yanner, Emma Richardson, Grace Billinghurst, Hope Caire-McCaul, Jarrad Henshaw, Jaxon Parks, Jordan Dean, Phoenix Castledine, Rhys Brough- Smyth, William Dunn, Yaz Ghanbari, Zacoria Letton

Key creatives
Claire Glenn – Losing Faith in Unicorns Director & Kids Against Humanity Facilitator
Alysha Herrmann – Creative Producer
Lauren Playfair – Installation Artist & Design Eye
Brianna Obst – Creative Assistant (2017)
Hailey Nicholls – Creative Assistant (2016)
Adam Ritchie – Sound Design and Installation
Alexander Ramsay – Lighting Design and Installation
Nicole Allen – Performance Support
Stu Nankivell – Digital Support

School performances
Thursday 18 May 2017, 11am & 2pm
Friday 19 May 2017, 11am & 2pm
Thursday 25 May 2017, 11am & 2pm
Friday 26 May 2017, 11am & 2pm

General public performances
Saturday 20 May 2017, 11am, 2pm & 5pm
Saturday 27 May 2017, 11am, 2pm & 5pm

Strictly limited to 30 audience members per session. Duration approx. 60 minutes.

Suburban house in Christies Beach
(address provided after booking)

Age/year suitability
Years 8 – 12
Ages 12+

Ticket pricing
Schools: $10 per ticket
General public: $15 (adult)  / $10 (child/concession) + GST and booking fee

Language warning. Contains adolescent themes (teenage sexuality, mental health)

Booking info
 should complete this booking form and email to info@carclew.org.au.
General public tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite.
Before booking please read our terms and conditions.
Booking enquiries, please call 08 8267 5111

Due to the very non-traditional nature of the theatre space (ie. a residential house), Losing Faith in Unicorns is not accessible for those using wheelchairs or with mobility concerns

Kids Against Humanity is an initiative of Carclew jointly undertaken with the City of Onkaparinga and assisted by the Government of South Australia, through Arts South Australia.

Thanks also to all of our StartSomeGood crowdfunding supporters: Megan Rainey, John Wells, Nathan Harrison, Erin Fowler, Ray Harris, Mel Adams, Caryn Butler, Ben Brooker, Francoise Piron, Rachel Burke, Lucy Markey, Melissa McGrath, Greg Lyden, Henry Arrowsmith, Sarah Parsons, Gail Kilby, Debbie Dunn, Katherine Dellit, Moira Deslandes, Alyson Evans, Barbara Toussaint, Emma Webb, Andria Rose, Ron Cousins, Anne Kelly, Charlotte Strantzen Bair, Brienna Macnish, Pam Hall, Lilla Berry, Sophie and David Lampouris , Nicole Ford, Shaylee Leach, Katherine Coppock, Hanna Hornum, Chiara Gabrielli, Libby Parker, Hannah Strout, Brianna Obst, Merridy McNaughton, Kerrie Noonan, Albert D’Aloia, Alison Currie, Julie Waddington, Sidsel Fawkes, Nicole Brammy, Dale Durie, Ruth Richards, Lesley Geldenhuys, Marianne Glenn, Ron Cousins, Susannah Sweeney, Rebecca Pannell, Steve Mayhew, Jess & Pete Welsh, Eliza Lovell, Debbie Dunn, Jared Stevens, Deb Hughes, Emma Knights, Alison Kershaw, Paul Gazzol, Moira Deslandes, Tricia Walton, Fiona Shilton, Rhen Soggee, Fiona Redford, Heather Lesley, Edwina Sharrock, Cassandra Letton, Tom Christophersen (and the anonymous donors)

Kids Against Humanity represents a long relationship with a performance ensemble of young people aged 12-19 in Adelaide’s Southern suburbs.

It began in 2014 with a project called Run Zombie, Run before turning into a performance ensemble called Kids Against Humanity in 2015. Kids Against Humanity presented their first project outcome Zombie Gauntlet in 2015, followed by their second – the very ambitious Losing Faith in Unicorns as part of the dreamBIG Children’s Festival in May 2017.

These young people are ambitious, brave, fierce, talented and have so much to contribute. And with the ongoing support of Carclew and City of Onkaparinga, they’ll continue to be supported to explore and uncover future (and unknown) opportunities.


You say that because adults have been teenagers, they understand teenagers. This is faulty reasoning. I have been, variously, an infant, a toddler, a small child, a preteen, et cetera et cetera. However, I am no longer any of those things and even though I have many memories of being a small child/preteen/etc., that does not mean that I still remember how it was to be at that stage. No matter how clear, detailed, or emotional one’s memories are of a certain stage of their life, it is in no way equivalent to actually being there.