Murputja Anangu School Tjitjiku Inma rehearsal. Photo Finton Mahony

Remote Outreach Projects

Carclew is dedicated to bringing high quality arts experiences to all young South Australians. The remote outreach projects are unique and highly successful examples of arts and cultural practice interweaving to build a positive future for young people living in remote areas.

 Carclew is committed to ensuring that its programs are responsive and accessible to those least likely to participate due to geographic location, socio-economic circumstances or disability. Carclew also aims to create tangible improvements in the quality of life of young South Australians by developing artistic projects which consider social need. 

Delivered by teams of highly skilled and experienced arts practitioners, Carclew's remote outreach projects are designed around cultural appropriateness and incorporate realistic and relevant goals.

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Georgie Davill, Senior Program Manager
08 8267 5111