Culture Beats

Culture Beats provides a full day of tailored contemporary music, media and dance workshops for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander upper primary school children utilising our Gig Rig - an all-terrain mobile sound and media studio.

Culture Beats aims to increase wellbeing and social connectedness and to increase young peoples' confidence, resilience, and wellbeing through engaging with arts and cultural practice.

Each program delivery is co-designed in consultation with local community leaders and responds to the specific needs of each school site. The day-long immersive workshops are then delivered by a team of professional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative facilitators who build connection to self and place to engage children in a culturally empowering experience.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children will:
- engage in relevant and culturally safe arts experiences
- connect with culture through popular and contemporary arts practices
- develop communication skills, creative connections and social expression
- build connections with each other

Disciplines explored include hip hop, breakdance, freestyle and modern, with the inclusion of music and media including photography and videography.


Contact Details

Tess Syme
08 8230 1106