Nadia Lewis “Untitled” 2019, Photographic print

Intrinsic | SALA exhibition

Introducing Intrinsic, a collaboration between 2019 Emerging Curators, Chiranjika Grasby, Christina Massolino, and Jack McBride presented as part of the SALA festival and the City of Adelaide Emerging Curator Program.

Intrinsic seeks to explore ideas of connection to place, land and home. The artists exhibiting are from various cultural backgrounds including Australian Aboriginal and new migrant heritage. Connections as well as differences are created and comparatively curated in reference to feelings of belonging and place, with a focus on artistic process and the importance of expressing and conversing through this important dialogue.

Featuring work by South Australian artists; Carly Dodd, Brooke Bowering, Cedric Varcoe, Maria Windy, Nadia Lewis, Gemma Brook, Josie Dillon, Fuko Suzuki, Nicole Fang, Mali Allen Place and Milo Trnovsky, Intrinsic will occupy the iconic Adelaide Town Hall (1st Floor Gallery & Mankurri-api Kuu / Reconciliation Room), contemporary 24/7 street front gallery, Art Pod & Breezeway and Adelaide Central Market Arcade.

The Emerging Curator Program is an initiative of the City of Adelaide delivered in partnership with Carclew, supporting professional pathways and providing vital practical experience to three young arts practitioners. Read the media release here: Extraordinary local talent to be showcased in the City of Adelaide.

Exhibition continues until 8 November, 9am – 5pm, Mon - Sun.

As part of the 2019 Tarnanthi festival, artists Cedric Varcoe (Ngarrindjeri/Narunnga) and Carly Dodd (Ngarrindjeri/Kaurna/Narunnga) present Dreaming storytelling and weaving workshops in the Art Pod gallery space in the city.

Listen, yarn, learn, weave, enjoy! Click here for more details.

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Art Pod/Breezeway, 25 Pirie St & Adelaide Central Market
Curator: Christina Massolino
Artists: Carly Dodd, Brooke Bowering, Cedric Varcoe

Connection to place is a deeply personal relationship for all individuals. Some feel that they belong to another place or land that they do not live in, and some feel that the place or land they live in is not truly theirs. Some who live in the place or land in which they belong, have had it stolen from them. Many variables exist within connection to land and the way it is perceived by each individual.

Mankurri-api Kuu, Reconciliation Room Adelaide Town Hall
Curator: Jack McBride
Artists: Maria Windy, Nadia Louis

This exhibition considers the time-spanning, cultural significance of place, across generations and into the Dreaming through the eyes of two senior Anangu students from Amata Anangu School in South Australia’s Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. Photographic works selected for this exhibition, portray snippets of the memories, cultural practices and traditions associated with the specific locations visited, that are still pertinent in how these young Anangu women experience and connect with the land and their cultural heritage today. Photographic works creatively explore their contemporary cultural connection to country and sense of place through the locations of the Seven Sisters Dreaming.

1st Floor Gallery Adelaide Town Hall
Curator: Chiranjika Grasby
Artists: Gemma Brook, Josie Dillon, Fuko Suzuki, Nicole Fang, Mali Allen Place, Milo Trnovsky  

Local emerging artists in this exhibition provide a creative exploration into navigating the spaces around them, attempting to highlight the multiple ways they connect with the South Australian landscape. Stemming from various cultural backgrounds, the artists unpack discussions of finding a sense of home, living on Kaurna land and the ways that particular spaces and locations can affect both them and their process of making. Contrasts are drawn between identities of Aboriginal, post-colonial, new migrant and refugee heritages, forming direct interactions between their unique experiences of existing with, or alongside, the South Australian landscape.


Opening night Monday 5 August, 5:30 – 7:30pm
1st Floor Gallery, Adelaide Town Hall
128 King William St, Adelaide

Included guided walk through the various exhibition spaces by the curators.
Complimentary glass of Alpha Box and Dice on arrival.


Nadia Lewis “Untitled” 2019, Photographic print


The Emerging Curator program is delivered in partnership with the City of Adelaide.


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