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Pom Pom

Pom Pom visual arts studio in closed until further notice... but our wonderful workshops are now available online!

Until the studio can re-open, our wonderful Pom Pom artists have made adapted their incredible workshops online. If you would like to participate, please join our Facebook Group here, or Subscribe to Pom Pom e-news and sms blast system.

We will be releasing a new workshop at 11am each Saturday during Term 2. Come and join the fun!


Pom Pom is a contemporary art space dedicated to engaging children (up to 12 years) and their families. Located in Davoren Park in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Pom Pom offers hands-on creative workshops delivered by leading artists, many with an international profile, over the school term and during school holidays. 

Pom Pom supports an art making process between children and their families and carers, while offering children enchanting contemporary arts experiences. Young artists and their families are welcome to collaborate with artists to make, create and play. 

Pom Pom is open from 11am to 3pm on weekdays during school holidays and Saturdays during school terms (excluding the last Saturday of each term). 

Visit, play, create and be inspired.

Davoren Park Shopping Centre
45 Peachey Road, Davoren Park

11am - 3pm
Saturdays during school term
Weekdays during April, July & october school holidays

All activities at Pom Pom are FREE.
All children MUST be accompanied by a parent, guardian or carer
Bookings are not required. Drop in anytime.

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If you or your organisation is interested in supporting high quality creative experiences for young people in disadvantaged communities, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss further.
Lucy Markey, Senior Manager, Marketing & Development
Email, Phone 08 8230 1118 / 0411 106 257

Term 1, 2020 program
1 February - 4 April | Saturdays 11am - 3pm

We're super excited to have Georgina Chadderton (George Rex Comics) with us for the whole of term 1, as we create our very own Pom Pom Postal Pals book. Learn different drawing and comic book skills throughout the term as we create maps, letters, characters and more.

Also joining Georgina throughout the term are Pom Pom favourites Arlon Hall, Kate Kurucz and Jasmine Crisp, as well as new faces Tamara Baillie and Yusuf Hayat.

Past Programs

Term 4, 2019
19 October - 14 December | Saturdays 11am - 3pm

Miniature Painting with Murtaza Hussaini
Weaving and painting with Carly Dodd
Sponge Sculptures with Jake Holmes
Badges and stickers with Mitch Hearn
Mixed Media with Nancy Downes
Textiles with Kathleen Morris
Drawing with Lucy Turnbull
Embroidery with Sera Waters


October School Holidays
30 September - 11 October | weekdays* 11am - 3pm | *no session public holiday Monday 7 October

ARLON HALL takeover - Pom Pom turns 6!

Pom Pom is celebrating our sixth birthday… and we wished for a …. TAKEOVER.

Over the years we’ve been A Pocket Full of Rainbows by Australian artist Pip & Pop aka Tanya Schultz , then Sparkle Berg by Amy Joy Watson. Hiromi Tango took us to woven wonderland through CrackenFling and Zoe Kirkwood dressed us in dreamy hues with geometric eclectics. We’ve painted murals with James Dodd, Ghost Patrol and Alice Lindstrom and created public artworks with Tom Borgas, Jake Holmes and Bernadette Klavins too. When Rosie Deacon came to party with local artists our walls and ceiling exploded with Australiana characters and bright colours. Yeah, we’ve got some pretty incredible mates who love hanging out.

Join us these October School holidays as Arlon Hall transforms Pom Pom once again! A regular teaching artist and assistant at Pom Pom, Arlon was influenced by the children when producing his recent award winning ‘PLAYgROUNd’ exhibition at Floating Goose Studios. 'PLAYgROUNd' explored play through installation, painting and audience participation in order to contribute the overall composition of the space.

Using his exhibition as inspiration, you are invited to create an exciting, playful and vibrant backdrop to match the amazing workshops that take place at Pom Pom. Arlon and our team of formidable and fantastical artists will lead a series of painting, drawing and sculpture activities to transform our contemporary art space again.

A lot of colour. A lot of fun.
Join us at POM POM this October.

Term 3 program
8 - 19 July | Saturdays 11am - 3pm

This term we are getting ready for BOOK WEEK! We will be making costumes and props early in the term. Then get tactile with textiles as we explore print making, weaving and plain air painting.

Mitch Hearn is an animator and illustrator who works with anything from plasticine, to pastels and paint. Participants will create cardboard costumes with participants based around their favourite books/characters for book week! We'll explore creating imaginary worlds through paper, oil pastels and imagination.

Brianna Speight is a contemporary artist working in photography. For Pom Pom she will be teaching us how to make costumes to camouflage ourselves using lots of materials and photographing ourselves using the self-timer function on the camera!

Sera Waters is an artist who uses textiles in unusual and unexpected ways. In this workshop she will work with the children to create felt-based costumes based upon their favourite stories.

Hanah Williams is a printmaker inspired by dreams, mythology and stories. In this workshop we will draw inspiration from dreams that we've had and create imaginary worlds that we'd like to visit. Hanah will introduce us to mark marking techniques that can be used on recycled plastics and CDs that can then be printed and turned into books or hanging objects. 

Elle Dawson-Scott also known as Saskia and Shadow, is a photographer and illustrator. For her workshop Elle will be helping the children to create and decorate tiny buildings using found objects. These will then be placed in the Pom Pom studio or outdoor environment where they can be unexpectedly found and enjoyed by passers-by. We will also create bright and colourful jewellery using upcycled objects sourced from op-shops She will then help the participants to photograph their creations.

Rebecca McEwan is a multidisciplinary artist who loves plants and everything nature related.  In this workshop she will be using branches, twigs, flowers and yarns to create ‘flower weaves’ and mini sculptures.

July 2019 | School Holidays

Learn illustration, model making and animation processes this July school holidays with artists Rosina Possingham, Mitch Hearn and Nicholas Hanisch, George Rex (Georgina Chadderton) and Jake Holmes.

Rosina Possingham is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and photographer. Together we will be making things move digitally (through iPad’s) and manually (analog techniques). Explore creative abstract colourful explosions and use our imaginations to create animated stories about why we love Pom Pom.

Mitch Hearn is an animator and illustrator who works with anything from plasticine, to pastels and paint. In this workshop, he will help children to bring stories to life through plasticine and the art of stop motion animation.

Nicholas Hanisch is a visual artist working with sculpture and drawing. His works combine figurative sculpture with science fiction nonsense. In his workshops, participants will be making paper-mache sculptures and collaborating with each other to create larger composite works.

George Rex aka Georgina Chadderton is a comic artist. Practice your character creation and comic drawing skills these school holidays. Learn about designing a character, how to show their personality and favourite things through drawing. What adventures will your characters and their exciting items go on in your comics?!

Jake Holmes is a contemporary artist who screen prints posters, draws illustrations and paints murals. In the school holidays we will be experimenting with different model making techniques using everyday materials to make mini exciting worlds.

April 2019 | School Holidays

Rosina Possingham is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and photographer who likes to draw, scan and take photos of plants. In the school holidays we will be Abstracting Plants through collage and mark making. The works will focus on colour, form and looking at the shapes of negative space within plants.

Georgina Chadderton is a comic artist and writer who loves creating characters and building worlds. In her Heart and Heraldy workshop, we will design our very own crests and cardboard shields that reflect our personalities and are inspired by things we love.

Murtaza Hussaini  is a contemporary artist working in the form of sculpture and painting. Students will be involved in making houses with boxes, and sculptures with paper and cardboard for PaperScrapers. 

Brianna Speight is a contemporary artist working in photography. For the Pom Pom school holidays, she will be teaching us how to make costumes and photograph ourselves wearing them in Cut n Paste Costume.

Sam Gold is a ceramic artist and art therapist who likes Smoosh and Squeeze clay around to understand feelings and experiences in this big world. Sam uses materials as a way to reflect upon our experiences in life and the innate desire to mark make as a cathartic tool to self regulate.  Sam will be teaching us coiling and mark making techniques in the school holiday workshops

February -  April 2019 | Term 1

Featuring artists Jasmine Crisp | Sam Gold | Deborah Twining | Josh Searson | Anna Horne | Cassie Thring | Jack Hodges | Mitch Hearn | Ruby Chew | Kate Kurucz

January 2019 School Holidays

Nicholas Hanisch   is a visual artist working with sculpture and drawing. His works combine figurative sculpture with science fiction nonsense. In his Human Effigies workshops, participants will learn basic casting techniques and use them to create abstract human effigies.

Deborah Twinings is a Visual artist and arts educator. Abstract Map Painting workshop takes the seriousness out of painting and makes abstract painting easy and fun. This is an experimental approach to painting, creating freely wandering lines, blocked in colour combinations and the building up of flow and pattern. All from using maps as our starting point.

Alison Smiles - We will be making mythical creatures that protect and watch over their makers in Clay Guardians. The children will help/collaborate on a large hand built clay guardian that will watch over the POM POM art space, and will also make small guardians of their own to take home after being transformed by firing.

Ruby Chew  Participants will be using alternative drawing techniques to create self-portraits that they’ll use to add to a collaborative Mural full of bright colours and bold line work. Within this creative process, the kids at Pom Pom will develop skills in drawing, design, painting and process based making.

October 2018 School Holidays

Arlon Hall is a contemporary artist working in painting and drawing.
Murals, Patterns and Paint!  In the school holidays, the children will be involved in a number of drawing and painting activities for a mural. We will explore pattern, colour, shape and line, to design the mural which will be completed with a similar colour scheme and style of Arlon's painting practice.

Heidi Kenyon is an Adelaide-based contemporary sculpture and installation artist whose practice is motivated by the curious complexity of found objects and common materials.
In Kaleidoscopes we will explore different ways of “seeing” through the creation of kaleidoscopes that offer unusual and abstract views of the outside world as well as interior treasures. The moving gems inside the kaleidoscopes will be made from recycled everyday and natural materials as well as beads and other reflective objects.

Saskia and Shadow, also known as Elle Dawson-Scott, is a photographer and illustrator.
Magical Mountains: Participants will be shaping air-dry clay into magical mountains, which can be painted, embellished in glitter, and decorated in all the colours of the rainbow.
Sandwiches: Participants will be creating their own imaginative sandwiches and burgers from recycled cardboard. They will draw and cut out their ingredients, paint their shapes and assemble them into (almost) edible creations.

Zoe Freney  is a painter who has a special interest in art from India.
In this workshop she will introduce children to the Tree of Life design, which we will use as inspiration for painting on fabric.

October - December 2018

Featuring artists Jess Martin | Mitch Hearn | Jon George | Alice Blanch | Ruby Chew | Jake Holmes

End of year celebration and 2018-19 Summer holidays

July 2018  School holidays,

Mitch Hearn is an animator and illustrator who works with anything from plasticine, to pastels and paint. Monster Self Portraits. What would you look like as a monster?  Learn some monster drawing techniques and draw yourself as a scary, scaly, furry, cute, cuddly or creepy creature. Cardboard Cube Creatures: Sketch, cut out and create your own little cardboard cube creature to take home.

Dave Court is a contemporary artist working in painting, art direction and photography. Immersive set design and photography. This school holidays kids will help to design and paint a colourful photo backdrop set and make costumes out of scrap fabric and paint. The design will explore different applications and colour combinations with painting and then they will then direct a photoshoot combing the costumes and set. 

Anna Dunnill  (WA/VIC): is an artist and writer,who investigates the possibilities of embroidery, ceramics, performance, video and tattoo. Wall Hangings Work with textile artist Anna Dunnill to make an imaginative fabric wall-hanging, including a pocket to hold your treasures. Turn drawings into embroidery, make cords and tassels from thread, and decorate with beads!

Rosina Possingham  is a creative visual artist and designer. Abstract Experience Maps This school holidays the kids will focus on observing our relationship with place. We will be discovering abstract ways of mapping our experience and understanding of spaces. Create your own map of Pom Pom and help to build and grow a large scale map.

Carly Dodd -a proud Kaurna, Narungga and Ngarrindjeri artist explores her own style with a mixture of both traditional and contemporary techniques in many mediums including painting, weaving, graphic design and photography. Weaving Participants will be learning to weave with different materials and techniques including cardboard weaving circles and using raffia to create vessels and fish.

Jessie Lumbis a multidisciplinary artist who likes to put bright and happy colours into the world. Drawing. For the Pom Pom school holidays she will be teaching us new and exciting techniques in drawing and mark making.

May - June 2018 Term 2

Mitch Hearn

Create your very own lo-fi animation with DIY zoetropes, one of the first forms of animation ever made. Plan out your animation on paper and then watch it come to life with your handmade zoetrope!

Steph Fuller

Steph Fuller is a visual artist who photographs & films everyday objects in lighting that makes them look like something from outer space. Using torches and common objects, we will explore different ways of lighting these objects and how we can make them look ‘out of this world’.

Angelica Harris- Faull

Angelica Harris-Faull is a printmaker who explores ideas of identity and the human body. We often collect, wear and make things that say something about who we are and what we love in the world. The children will explore collaging paper to make their own badges which share their sense of self (through colours, animals, words) with the world. 

Tom Borgas

Sculptor Tom Borgas creates work that explores form, objects, colour and space. Using coloured cardboard and other craft materials, participants will build a scale model of a public artwork that represents them using the letters of their name as a starting point for the forms.

Alice Blanch

Alice Blanch is a visual artist working mainly in analogue photography. Her images are of nature and are created through multiple in-camera exposures, leading to images that appear folded, overlapped and have a ghostly quality. Come join Alice in creating your own layered image. Looking at different colours, textures and transparencies and how these interact and change when overlapped with each other.

Bernadette Klavins

Bernadette Klavins is an artist whose sculptural installations tell stories about different times and places.  In early June, the kids will be invited to create vibrant wall-hanging maps that blend both real and imagined landscapes, using fabric, found objects, felt and paint.  Later in the month, Bernadette will be working with the kids to create their own fold-out artist books, as they tell stories about place using paper-folding techniques, drawings, text, found images and colour.

Georgina Chadderton

Armed with a pencil and paper learn to illustrate your own adventurous story! Design characters, plan their adventure and map the journey by creating your own storytelling mini-puzzle adventure book!

 April 2018 Term 1 school holidays

Ruby Chew  | Wearable Art

Back by popular demand… kids will be creating wearable woolly and decorative Art including finger knitting, tassel making, pom pom making, platting and more. These smaller projects will enable the participants to make stand-alone artworks and/or use these elements to embellish a larger project – either a colourful head piece or a personalised bag.  

Min Wong | Mobile Hanging Sculptures

 Min Wong is a sculpture and collage artist. Using acrylic offcuts, shapes and forms, the kids at Pom Pom will make mobile hanging sculptures. These sculptures will use found objects and look at interesting ways to balance forms and colour together.

Rosina Possingham | Abstract Pom Pom Maps  

Rosina Possingham is a creative visual artist and designer. This school holidays the kids will focus on observing our relationship with place. We will be discovering abstract ways of mapping our experience and understanding of spaces. Create your own map of Pom Pom and help to build and grow a large scale map.

Jessie Lumb | Royal Palace Soft Sculptures

Jessie Lumb is a multidisciplinary artist who likes to put bright and happy colours into the world. On a recent visit to India she became interested in the shapes that can be found in the buildings around us and how these can be used as the basis for making artworks. During her workshop participants will work with colourful fabrics and materials to create and decorate abstract soft sculptures.

Cassie Thring  

Cassie Thring is an artist working across ceramics, printmaking, photography and painting. For her Pom Pom Workshops during the second week of the April School holidays, the children will be modelling small clay figures that will be photographed to make large scale paste-ups

Arlon Hall

Arlon Hall is a contemporary artist working in painting and drawing. In the school holidays, the children will be involved in a number of drawing and painting activities for a large mural in Pom Pom's courtyard. We will explore pattern, colour, shape and line, to design the mural which will be completed with a similar colour scheme and style of Arlon's painting practice.

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