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Pom Pom

Pom Pom is a contemporary art space dedicated to engaging children (up to 12 years) and their families.

Located in Davoren Park in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Pom Pom offers hands-on creative workshops delivered by leading artists, many with an international profile, over the school term and during school holidays. 

Pom Pom supports an art making process between children and their families and carers, while offering children enchanting contemporary arts experiences. 

Pom Pom is open from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays during school terms (excluding the last Saturday of each term). 

Visit, play, create and be inspired.

Pom Pom
Davoren Park Shopping Centre
45 Peachey Road, Davoren Park

11am - 3pm

All activities at Pom Pom are FREE.
All children MUST be accompanied by a parent, guardian or carer while visiting Pom Pom.
Bookings are not required.

Term 1 

For the 2018 Summer Term 1 period, Saturday 3 Feb - 7 April (no session on Easter weekend 31 March)

Young artists and their families will collaborate with artists to make, create and play.  

See below for the artists who will run PomPom in January and find out a little bit more about the activities. 

Elle Dawson-Scott

Elle Dawson-Scott is a photographer and illustrator. Her illustration work includes a mix of collage, embroidery, pen, and digital drawing methods. For one of her Pom Pom workshops Elle will be using a combination of felt pieces to create portraits on card and wood. For her second workshop Elle will be creating mini painted pots that can be taken home.  There will be opportunities to plan, sketch, cut and stick, paint and print.

Evy Moschakis

Evy Moschakis explores traditional handcrafts such as weaving, embroidery and crochet in contemporary ways to create bold, colourful and quirky artworks. She is excited to share her latest oversized embroidery techniques with the Pom Pom participants. Learn how to  weave at a magnified scale to create soft, quirky patchworks at her first workshop or explore slip stick and finger knitting to create crocheted bubble wands.

Zoe Freney

Zoe Freney has an interest in traditional Indian painting styles and has just returned from teaching art workshops in schools in India. This has inspired her Pom Pom workshop, making foil decorated miniature paintings, similar to the famous Indian miniature paintings. Participants will use acrylic paint on card to create small, brightly-coloured paintings of their homes, families or imagined places, then make frames and embellishments with gold foil card, beads, sequins, marker pens and glitter.

Kathleen Morris aka Textile Warrior 

Textile Warrior is a visual artist working with paper and textiles in collage, illustration and old school crafts. For her first PomPom workshop Kathleen will create imaginary portraits using collage techniques from vintage photos, washi tape with vibrant colour, pattern and glitter. For her final PomPom workshop Kathleen will teach participants ‘Dollage’: how to create mixed media art dolls using assemblage and collage techniques from recycled and found objects. 

Heidi Kenyon

Heidi Kenyon is a contemporary sculpture and installation artist with an interest in music and cross disciplinary practice. In recent years Heidi has developed and exhibited a number of works that explore environmental sustainability in relation to the use of found objects and materials. For upcoming workshops at PomPom Heidi will use recycled materials and found objects to make musical instruments.

Jessie Lumb

Jessie Lumb is a multidisciplinary artist who likes to put bright and happy colours into the world. On a recent visit to India she became interested in the shapes that can be found in the buildings around us and how these can be used as the basis for making artworks. During her workshop participants will work with colourful fabrics and materials to create and decorate abstract soft sculptures.

Damien Shen

Acclaimed Aboriginal and Chinese artist, Damien Shen, will be running a drawing workshop utilising basic charcoal and pastel techniques that he has learned and developed during the last few years. The emphasis will be on understanding dynamic light and shade and different approaches to representing that on paper. This workshop is for all skill levels.

Josh Trenwith

Josh Trenwith is a multidisciplinary artist interested in nostalgia and the creation of new dialogues using juxtaposition of imagery. His work is based around both existing and invented imagery, typography and advertising and street/graffiti art culture. Josh will teach participants of pompom how to create anthropomorphic lettering referencing Graffiti and Street Art for inspiration.

Robin Tatlow-Lord

Robin Tatlow-Lord is an illustrator, animator and cartoonist with a great love of characters and storytelling. At Pom Pom this term Robin will teach the pompom participants illustration techniques and various different ways to draw animals (realistic, expressive, stylised, cartoony!) to create their own picture books.     

Ellen Schlobohm 

Ellen Schlobohm is a paper artist who draws on botanical imagery and patterns to create her work. During her workshop Pom Pom participants will learn how to create cyanotype prints by combining plants and leaves with the cut out paper silhouettes they will make during the workshop.

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Pom Pom is a Carclew project supported by Playford Communities for Children Plus, the City of Playford and the Government of South Australia through Arts SA, Community Benefit SA and Renewal SA. Communities for Children is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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Jon Halpin, Manager, Arts Programs
08 8267 5111

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    Pom Pom: contemporary art space for children


    Pom Pom, Davoren Park Shopping Centre, Peachey Road, Davoren Park


    A contemporary art space for children aged 12 years and under, and their families.


    11am - 3pm