Pom Pom Winter program with Zoe Kirkwood | Photo by Sam Roberts

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is a contemporary art space dedicated to engaging children (aged 5-12 years) and their families.

Located in Davoren Park in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Pom Pom offers hands-on creative workshops delivered by leading artists, many with an international profile, over the school term and during school holidays. 

Pom Pom supports an art making process between children and their families and carers, while offering children enchanting contemporary arts experiences. 

Pom Pom is open from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays during school terms (excluding the last Saturday of each term) & 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday during the Autumn, Winter and Spring School holidays (excluding public holidays).

Visit, play, create and be inspired.

Pom Pom
Davoren Park Shopping Centre
45 Peachey Road, Davoren Park

11am - 3pm

All activities at Pom Pom are FREE.
All children MUST be accompanied by a parent, guardian or carer while visiting Pom Pom.
Bookings are not required.

2017 Key Dates

Summer School Holidays
16 - 20 January

Term 1
Saturdays form 4 February - 8 April

Autumn School Holidays
Tuesday 18 - Friday 21 April | Wednesday 26 - Friday 28 April 

Pom Pom’s school holiday program is locked in and with the support of Northern Area Community & Youth Services (NACYS) we are going to bring Pom Pom outsite as well as the usual indoor activities.

Jake Holmes will work with participants to develop an outdoor pavement mural amongst the benches outside the studio and support the kids in designing their own ‘game’ that can be painted onto the surface.

Bernadette Klavins will engage participants in making small sculptures and develop a design for a semi-permanent structure for the garden.

While indoor activities include a wall installation of fabric and cardboard with Nancy Downes, illustration and drawing with Robin Tatlow-Lord and wearable artwork with Alice Potter.

Term 2
Saturdays from 6 May - 1 July

Winter School Holidays
Monday to Friday from 10 - 21 July

Term 3
Saturdays from 29 July - 23 September

Spring School Holidays 
Monday to Friday from 2 - 13 October

Term 4
Saturdaysfrom 21 October - 9 December


List of artists presenting workshops

Kelly Jonasson (jewellery)
Website: kellyjonasson.com

Min Wong (sculpture/assemblage)
Website: minwong.com | Facebook: min wong | Instagram: @minnielala 

Sera Waters (hand sewing)
Website: serawaters.com.au | Facebook: Sera Waters | Instagram: @serawaters

Arlon Hall (painting/drawing)
Instagram: @arlonhall

Alison Smiles (clay)
Website: alisonsmiles.com | Instagram: @alison_smiles_ceramics

Jake Holmes (printmaking)
Website: jakeholmesart.com | Instagram: @jaketoothandnail

Jessamy Pollock (wearable art)
Website: jessamypollock.com and protableworkshop.com.au | Facebook: Jessamy Pollock Design | Instagram: @jessamypollock

Kaspar Schmidt Mumm (mural/costume/performance)
Website: kasparschmidtmumm.com | Instagram: @kaspartness


Join the Conversation

Pom Pom is a Carclew project supported by Playford Communities for Children Plus, the City of Playford and the Government of South Australia through Arts SA, Community Benefit SA and Renewal SA. Communities for Children is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


Contact Details

Jon Halpin, Manager, Arts Programs
08 8267 5111

Key Dates

  • Jan 16
    Dec 09
    Pom Pom: contemporary art space for children


    Pom Pom, Davoren Park Shopping Centre, Peachey Road, Davoren Park


    A contemporary art space for children aged 12 years and under, and their families.


    11am - 3pm