Ephemeral Memory | Exhibition Opening Night


Sharing and documenting memories is a way to pass them on and hope that they will be remembered; but the more we share our memories and reminisce on them, the more they fade and are altered.

Ephemeral Memory explores this through the works of Bianca Pibworth, Marie Thong, Camille Fitzgerald, Lauren Bzowy and Ruhi Yaganagi. Using mediums ranging from textile, poetry, painting, ceramics, and film, each artist reflects on how we document and share our memories, as well as the effects time can have on altering our perception of them. The artists explore memories of their own, ones that have been passed on to them and nostalgia, to remind us of our own memories and the ephemerality of each passing moment.

Hero image: Lauren Bozowy, all four of us are there (detail), 2021, oil, ink and pencil on hand-carved board and paper

[id: detail shot of a piece from Lauren Bozowy’s painted series, all four of us are there. The work depicts a baby sitting in a chair with a child to their left, looking at them and holding their hands. Rows of maroon-coloured dots overlay areas of the painting, making the image underneath unclear.]