Zoom In / Zoom Out


Immerse yourself in Carclew’s final exhibition for 2023, Zoom In / Zoom Out, presented by Curator in Residence Lia Karabatsos.

With a love for both science and art, Lia describes Zoom In, Zoom Out as: an exploration under the microscope; examining the magical microcosms that, when repeated cyclically in the world, make up the ‘macro’ of life.

The exhibition delves into the contrast between our perceptions of the world on a macro and micro scale. It’s a true celebration of how art and science can blend harmoniously to create a mesmerising exhibition.

Using reclaimed materials, emerging Adelaide young artists explore the physical, spiritual, and emotional building blocks of life by focusing on the microscopic recurrent coincidences that animate us.

Visitors will have the chance to look through a magnifying glass to explore the artwork in detail and challenge their perceptions of the world around them.

Zoom In / Zoom Out will official launch with an opening event on Friday 13 October and be on display 9am-5pm weekdays, til 15 January at Carclew House.

Exhibition Opening Event

Carclew invites you to the exhibition opening event for Zoom In / Zoom Out at Carclew House on Friday 13 October 2023. Join us in celebrating the incredible work from emerging artists and hear a few words from our Curator in Residence, Lia Karabatsos.

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Date: Friday 13 October
Where: Carclew House 

Book tickets via Humanatix.

Featured Artists

Billie Nøhr
Graduating with Bachelor of Creative Arts degree as a printmaking major, Billie Nøhr’s artistic practice has always intended to serve as a conduit for the exploration of creativity and personal experience. Her work frequently embraces recurring motifs, high-contrast lines, vibrant colour palettes, and abstract automatism. This artistic approach allows her to play with surreal imagery drawn from the nuances of everyday life, effectively establishing a visual language that promotes mindfulness, self-reflection, and self-expression. Employing diverse drawing mediums and printmaking techniques, she conveys abstract thoughts and emotions – often emphasising the power of visual aesthetics to enhance the perceptual experience. This is celebrated particularly in the context of individuals with different sensory perceptions, such as herself as a deaf artist.

Ryan Denner
Ryan Denner is a visual artist and graphic designer living on unceded Kaurna Yerta. He is a current member of the 2023 Carclew sharehouse residency program and has been exhibited in several galleries and many foyers.

Miles Dunne
Miles Dunne, is a multi-disciplinary artist working in creative technology, design, and installation. His work centres around creating immersive experiences that entice audiences to absolve boundaries and participate in its delivery. Often inspired by his own experiences of discarding social barriers through interaction with Art, Dunne’s work is heavily grounded in exploring the interaction between light, and physical space and form. Being of a generation that experienced the rapid advancement of digital technology throughout their formative years, Dunne is very familiar with the seemingly ‘magical’ feeling of experiencing new forms of technology for the first time. He seeks to replicate this feeling through his work, by using technology in meaningful ways to deliver unique, awe inspiring and highly personal experiences to viewers. Dunne continues to expand his practice by exploring the interaction between digital forms of media and physical space, and objects, through interactive and immersive light installations.

Benen Hamon
Benen Hamon is a visual artist living and working on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia. Benen’s art practice engages with the processes of expanded painting and sculpture with found objects and conventional building materials. Benen’s references and responds to overlooked and unnoticed peculiarities within his surrounding everyday urban and suburban material environment. He incorporates processes of casting and assemblage to present a collision of found materials and cast objects. Benen aims to explore the new and unexpected outcomes that emerge from material play and thinking. Through his sculptural relief paintings Benen highlights and expresses his own curiosity in the banality of the objects and built features that occupy space in our living environment.

Sean McGowan
Adelaide/Kaurna-based artist Sean McGowan has been creating ambient electronic music inspired by the unhurried dances of clouds since 2021. Through a combination of analog synthesisers, organs, and accordion, Sean seeks to transport listeners to a place where time slows and skies flow. Each track takes its name and inspiration from one of the many species of cloud to conjure unique and meditative escapes from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Banner Image features artwork by Billie Nøhr.