Lowdown Begins - 1970s

The publication that eventually became Lowdown started as a roneoed newsletter for an organisation that didn’t yet exist, but was eventually to become the Australian Youth Performing Arts Association (AYPAA), and is now known as Young People and the Arts Australia (YPAA).

Lowdown’s history begins in the 1970s with the birth of Australian youth arts as a national arts sector and as part of an international network. For an overview of the decade, go to the Lowdown 1970s history and commentary.

The First Lowdown - July 1979

The official first edition of Lowdown was published in July 1979. It reflected an incredible...

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First AYPAA Newsletter

The first newsletter of the Australian Youth Performing Arts Association, or AYPAA, was issued...

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Australia 75 Festival Children's Program

The Children's Program of the Australia 75 Festival of Creative Arts and Sciences took place in...

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Through Checkpoint Charlie to East Berlin - the 1975 ASSITEJ Congress

In April 1975 AYPAA Co-ordinator Margaret Leask led a delegation of Australians through...

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AYPAA's Inaugural Meeting in 1974

National youth performing arts networking officially started in Australia with AYPAA's inaugural...

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1970s History and Commentary

Lowdown Begins: The 1970s A history and commentary by Tony Mack Introduction For over...

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