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Over the 10 years Carclew’s Artery Program ran, from 1991-2001, over 30,000 people attended the annual Artery Party held at Carclew. 

The Artery Party was the launch of each years program, showcasing the artists involved and offering young people a chance to plan and manage a large scale event. 

This extraordinarily successful program continued to grow each year, with new teams both in metropolitan and country areas being established.  


There was one central Artery Team based at Carclew. The Team launched the program in February, which involved young people performing, exhibiting, and selling their art. 


Artery expanded with the establishment of the ARTcove Artery Team in Hallet Cove to provide workshops in the southern area of Adelaide. 


Artery Teams continued at Carclew and Hallet Cove, and a new Nothern Artery Team was established. 


Salisbury (Up Your Arts), Victor Harbor, Central, Mt Barker and Stirling teams were formed. 


The “Arts in the North” Artery Project Development was undertaken by the five teams across the regions. 


The Artery Party featured “Interactive 96” an internet program to broaden the stage of the Artists involved. 


The Artery Offspring Project was sponsored by Living Health and saw several organisations and young people developing workshops in various locations throughout Salisbury and Elizabeth. 


Carclew implemented Artery Stategic Plan and partnered with the Kangaroo Island Youth Focus to conduct workshops on KI. 


The Artery Program won the 1999 National Community Link Award in the SA Division of Art & Culture. 


In its final years the program was coordinated from the Odeon. A large number of multi-artform workshops were developed by young people across the State.