Artists in School – Projects

For Schools / History

Artists In Schools – Projects was a long running residency program established to encourage students’ and teachers’ participation in and appreciation of the arts through creative interaction with a professional arts practitioner.

Artists in Schools projects developed partnerships between schools, communities and artists, while achieving a creative outcome through a considered and integrated process. The program was designed to engage students and their teachers in stimulating arts experiences that added richness and depth to their learning.

Artists in Schools projects:

  • encouraged student involvement in the creative process
  • supported student learning as they gain new skills and knowledge
  • assisted the development of confidence and self-esteem in students
  • supported teachers in delivery of the curriculum
  • supported the professional learning of teachers
  • promoted the value of the arts within the school and broader community
  • enriched and added new perspectives to the school’s existing arts curriculum

More than 75,000 South Australian students participated in Artists in Schools.