For Artists

Carclew’s Music at Work pilot program kickstarted the development of BLKMPIRE, conceived and led by First Nations music and creative industries.

BLKMPIRE is a First Peoples creative industries incubator that is 100% dedicated to elevating the careers of contemporary Blak artists and engaging the hearts and minds of our Blak youth through music and its related artforms, such as dance and film.

BLKMPIRE is intentionally using popular creative mediums to engage Blak youth in conversations about social health and community wellbeing. Utilising youth music genres, contemporary dance, film and design, BLKMPIRE will create healing spaces for young Blak imaginations.

BLKMPIRE is proudly bringing mob to the front by building a program to elevate First Nations mentors, providing them with resources and equipment to showcase ‘black brilliance’.

Empowered by the motto ‘YOU CAN’T BE WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE’, the artists and cultural leaders behind BLKMPIRE are determined to create and present inspirational content for schools and communities.

Project Partners: Department of Innovation and Skills, Arts SA

Banner image: artist wearing a mask crouching in front of a photography paper backdrop – Photo by James Cubillo, Wakara Gondarra