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During term two, 2013, 15 pre-school children from Halifax Street Children’s Centre explored Rundle Mall, North Terrace and the Adelaide Festival Centre. The children took hundreds of photographs and created their own artwork to map the city of Adelaide.

The project was inspired by Reggio Tutta: A guide to the city by the children and influenced by Reggio Emilia principles.

During the pilot project James Parker (visual artist) and Sarah-Jane Cook (photographer) supported the children as active collaborators. assisting them to capture what they see through photographic imagery. Each child learned basic digital photography skills as they explored the city through the lens. The children then constructed a visual map and guide of what they have discovered using the photographs as cues and using a range of visual arts techniques and media.

At the completion of the pilot the children’s photography, artwork, reflections, experiences and narration were compiled into a digital documentation by artist Luku.

The Children | Anika, Dila, Erin, Evie, Fin, Georgie, Harry, Holly, Jalen, Kitty, Livia, Noah, Olivia, Sabra and Stevie from Halifax Street Children’s Centre

The Artists | James Parker (Visual Artist) and Sarah-Jane Cook (Photographer)

The Children’s Map Project: An Exhibition

Images and artworks capturing the children’s optimism were selected for an exhibition held 14-29 August 2013 at Department for Education and Child Development Centre Gallery. Premier Jay Weatherill launched the exhibition with the children, teachers, families and arts and education guests in attendance.

The Children’s Map Project: Phase Two, Term 3, 2013

Carclew extended the project to include pre-school children from four pre-school centres to work with visual artists James Parker, Sally Heinrich and Sarah-Jane Cook and photographer Sam Oster during term 3, 2013. Carclew is now developing the Children’s Map website which will be launched in early 2014.

Dates | April – September 2013 (term 3, 2013)

The Children | 55 preschool children from Halifax Street Children’s Centre, Sturt Street Community Pre-school, Barker Kindergarten and Lucy Morice Kindergarten

The Artists | James Parker (Visual Artist), Sam Oster (Photographer), Sally Heinrich (Visual Artist), Sarah-Jane Cook (Visual Artist)

Education Consultant  |  Caterina Pennestri

They put the statues there to make the city beautiful and also for remembering, because the statues are the memories of the grandparents.
Reggio Tutta (a child’s perspective)

The Children’s Map Project is a project of Carclew supported by Government of South Australia through Arts SA and Department for Education and Child Development, and the Australia Council for the Arts through the Creative Education Partnerships: Artist in Residence Initiative

Banner image: four children looking at a signpost