Creative Consultants

For Artists

Creative Consultants can breathe new life into a business. While the business supports the career development of a young creative through the process.

Who are Creative Consultants?

Creative Consultants are a team of talented young people (aged 18-29) who deliver workshops in communities and with businesses. They come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of creative skills. They meet regularly to train and collaborate together, to learn from industry professionals and one another, and to get support as they establish themselves as successful creative professionals. 

What is the deal?

Creative Consultants are offered wrap-around professional development, including practical skills-based learning, 1-2-1 career coaching and paid employment as creative workshop facilitators.  There is no charge to become a Creative Consultant – all training and support is free of charge. 

Is it for you?

If you are trying to establish a career within creative industries, this could be just what you need.  Perhaps you are working part-time in hospitality or retail whilst you get your freelance creative work going… or you’re considering running workshops in your art form to supplement income from making art / performing.  This program will give you the skills and confidence you need to make your creative career happen. 

How do you become a Creative Consultant?

Applications are currently closed.

If you are interested in becoming a Creative Consultant you must evidence that you are able to work at least to Assistant level, by responding to the following three questions:
1. What is your current creative practice and how have you used it when working with others?
2. What would you like to further learn / develop at this stage?  Why is this important to you? 
3. What do you understand the term ‘professional behaviour’ to mean?  Give as many examples as you can. 

Creative Consultants is certified by Social Traders as a social enterprise.

Banner image: The back of a female wearing a t-shirt that says “Carclew Creative Consultants” – Photo by LALA Photo