Gathered Tides

For Youth / For Schools

Gathered Tides is an interactive installation, originally created for GROUNDED during the 2018 Adelaide Fringe, with textile designer Chantal Henley (Nughi / Mununjali).

Gathered Tides brought together locally based Indigenous artists in a collaborative and cross-cultural weaving experience that highlightrf the significance of nurturing land & water.

Throughout the festival this gathering of Kaurna, Ngarrindjeri and local artists workrf together with textile designer Chantal Henley (Nughi / Mununjali) and festival participants to create large woven nets that pay homage to the many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities that collect, gather & live on country.

The weaving installation will incorporate customary and current techniques, material and styles that Festival participants will have the opportunity to participate with and assist the artists at work. During the development of this interactive installation come and listen to creation stories told by Ngarrindjeri elder Aunty Lena Rigney, and deepen your cultural knowledge through shared stories of how fishing nets and other hunting designs are used in Kaurna culture by the Wiltja with Kaurna elder Tamaru.

This installation embodies this intention providing a contemporary space for cross cultural collaboration and yarning between the artists as well as an opportunity for participants to learn weaving techniques and cultural knowledge from the elders and artists alike.

Banner image: the netting of Gathered Tides – Photo taken by Chantal Henley