HeyDay Radio

For Artists / For Youth / History

From 1983-1989 Carclew ran a youth led radio station called HeyDay Radio.

The Radio and Recording Studio was located in the buildings out the back of Carclew House.

As well as recording and broadcasting music, news, opinions, drama, comedy, reviews, and interviews, the recording facilities were used by theatre companies, schools and young composers.

By its second year of opperation HeyDay Radio produced more than two programs per week, visited many schools, covered public events large and small and provided an outlet for hundreds of young producers, presenters and young artists.

The program then took to the streets with the HeyDay Radio Mobile Van, a fully equiped mobile production vechile.Young people armed with recording equipment visited such places as the Maritime Museum, the National Motor Museum, and the Living Arts Centre. One Heyday Radio participant went on tour of the South Pacific and phoned in weekly for broadcast reports. Public events covered included Bach in the Barossa, the SA State Folk Festival, Don Burrows, Come Out and the Grand Prix

Those interviewed for HeyDay Radio include Singer Pat Boon, Comedian Col Elliot, Star Billy Field, Racing Drive Peter Brock, Stuntman Ian Jamieson, Actress Tina Turner, Rock Band Spanadau Ballet, Director Geoffrey Rush, Gallery Director Silver Harris and many more.

In 1989, Carclew’s Sound and Radio program was renamed to Harlequins Sound and Radio Training Program. The Harlequins program provided professional training and low-cost production facilities for young people in the areas of music production, radio announcing, programming, soundtrack production, sound engineering and mixing for over 1,400 young people. Due to the high demand for studio production assistance, Harlequins discontinued its broadcasting obligation to shift its entire focus onto training and facility hire.