Make Games Now

For Youth

Delivered online as part of our Creative Producer Regional Youth program for regional South Australians aged 18-26, Make Games Now was a program bringing together aspiring video game developers to make their first games!

Make Games Now was a month-long program to introduce aspiring game developers to each other, and to tools, ideas and examples that can kickstart their own game development journey. The program was co-delivered by lead facilitator Maize Wallin (they/them), with Creative Producer Alysha Herrmann (she/her) and selected guest artists.

Make Games Now ran 1 – 31 August 2020

The program was delivered fully online enabling aspiring game developers aged 18-26 from anywhere in regional South Australia to be involved.

All participants accessed a dedicated Discord channel during and after the program to continue building their network.

Banner image: a video game controller in front of a laptop