Open House

For Artists / Event

An event series offering unique art experiences.

Open House is a series of events happening in June produced by the Emerging Creative Producers to welcome the community and artists to Carclew house. The events will create opportunity to engage in the arts via workshops, presentations, and other creative experiences, while also providing the opportunity for Sharehouse residents to show their work.

Worlds within Worlds 

ECP: Audrey Menz

Date: Thursday 1 June 2023

Creating your own imaginary world populated by unique characters, cultures, creatures, or magic systems is a daunting task, but not one you have to do alone. Worlds within Worlds is a workshop series within the Carclew Open House program that aims to support and inspire emerging writers and creatives, bringing together the diverse experiences and knowledge of South Australian Artists, Writers, Musicians, Gamemasters, and more, to share the secrets behind breathing life into new worlds. 

Join us at Carclew House June 1st for a cosy evening of Fantasy and Sci-fi worldbuilding presentations by an eclectic selection of SA’s best emerging artists. Then, jump online for a digital create-a-thon run throughout June and July, and get inspired by a selection of digital workshops by emerging artists each Thursday evening. 

In this digital hub emerging artists will be able to share their worldbuilding and creative ideas, ask for feedback, interact with other creatives, and celebrate their work with the guidance and support of a community of emerging Fantasy & Sci-fi creatives.  

This workshop series will teach you how to consider the worlds within worlds, the engaging worldbuilding details like constructed languages, fantastic creatures, realistic characters, and comprehensive cultures, that make new worlds unforgettable.  


Super 16 (Screening)

ECP: Sam Sharplin  

Date: Thursday 29 June 2023

The Super 16 workshop will be opened to applications for participants, filmmaking teams and individuals with a particular interest in camera work and working with analog mediums. Emerging composers will provide original and unique musical tracks to inspire each team.  

With the guidance of Bryce Kraehenbuehl of Two Up Films, filmmakers will learn how to load, shoot and develop Super 8 film. Bryce’s beginner friendly development method uses household and low-risk chemicals, which participants could replicate in their own home. 

Over the course of just one day filmmaking teams will shoot and develop their footage in and around the grounds of Carclew. These workshops and filming days will take place in early May. Once the footage is developed it will be digitally scanned and returned for the filmmakers to edit before the final films are presented at Open House.