OSHC Holiday Program

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Our program has been produced as an excursion model, meaning your vacation centre or school will get to come and experience historic Carclew House. With multiple guided workshops that emphasise creative participation, champion curiosity, and empower student’s to be independent thinkers, this OSHC Holiday Program is sure to be a big hit with your holiday participants!  

This excursion puts young minds directly in the driver’s seat. Each workshop offered explores a new artistic medium or genre. Under expert guidance, students will practice using their bodies and brains for art, resulting in new dance moves, unique artworks to take home, and lots of fun.  

With professional artists and experienced facilitators on the Carclew Team, we are more than happy to tailor our arts programs to suit differing age ranges and readiness levels. We also offer a quiet space with dimmed lighting for children to take low sensory breaks if needed. Please feel free to encourage your students to bring their earplugs, fidget toys, or more to ensure their experience is awesome.

Pricing: Sessions are priced at $25 per child, per day*  

*Travel and lunch costs will be the responsibility of the school or excursion group and are NOT the responsibility of Carlew House or Staff. While professional artists are on site to support student creation, matters of behaviour management and injury are the sole responsibility of the educators chaperoning the students. Educators must always supervise students. 

Carclew OSHC Program runs July 2024  

Time: 10am – 2:30pm Daily 

Monday 8th: Start your school holidays right. With workshops centred around dance, movement, music production, clay play, and drawing skills, Monday’s lineup has something for everyone.

Tuesday 9th: Tuesday Tunes-Day! Dive into activities with workshops exploring singing, songwriting, music production, dance, and illustration – let bold beats be your guide during this wild and creative ride.

Wednesday 10th: With a focus on developing photography, collage, watercolour, sculpture, dance and drawing skills, today’s workshops will empower your students to engage with new materials and methods.

Thursday 11th: N/A

Friday 12th: Your students will experience art galore! With workshops showcasing singing, songwriting, dance, movement… and more.


Bookings: Now Open 

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Frances Rogers – Producer 



Lia Karabatsos – Exhibitions Assistant