Pip and Pop

For Children

The diminutive world of Pip & Pop is vivid. Satiated with coloured sugary mountains, crystalline valleys and meandering glittery pathways, this world draws you in and transports you to a whimsical paradise, a temporary pleasure zone examining ideas of abundance and utopian dreams. Pip & Pop’s candy coloured installations have been assembled in Australia, Japan and Europe.

As part of Carclew’s Public Art Program Pip & Pop (Tanya Schultz) worked with five South Australian artists to create a new and wondrous installations which were exhibited in empty shopfront windows in the Adelaide CBD for Come Out Festival 2013.

The three emerging artists were Amy Joy Watson, Jemimah Davis ­ and Alex Bishop Thorpe. Carclew also engaged two established artists Bridgette Minuzzo and Aurelia Carbone to provide mentoring and leadership for the emerging artists whilst working on the project.

Pip and Pop was presented by Carclew in association with DreamBIG Children’s Festival (formally Come Out Festival).

Banner image: a colourful miniature world