QuickstART Loans

For Artists / Funding

Interest free commercial loans for individual artists, groups and creative practitioners aged 18 – 26 years.

Ideal for:

  • Design, production, presentation or exhibition costs
  • Equipment or materials purchase
  • Research and development
  • Professional development
  • Marketing and promotion costs
  • Touring
  • Grant top-up or gap funding

Loan amount

$1000 – $3000

Loan term

3 – 12 months
Flexible repayments to suit your budget
The Carclew QuickstART loan is a commercial loan. Failure to repay the loan will result in a loan default which may impact your credit rating.

Interest rates



The program is available to individual artists, groups and creative practitioners.

Applicants must:

  • be between the ages of 18 – 26 years (if a group, the majority of group members must be aged 18 – 26 years)  at time of application;
  • be an Australian citizen or have permanent resident status in Australia;
  • have an ABN (in order to be assessed for a commercial loan);
  • be a resident of South Australia for at least six months immediately prior to making the application;
  • be able to articulate their relationship and commitment to the creative and cultural industries in South Australia, if the project or activity does not take place in South Australia; and
  • meet with Carclew staff prior to making an application to discuss the viability of their proposed project or activity.

To qualify you need to:

  • Outline the purpose of the loan;
  • Describe your practice;
  • Outline your experience in your sector;
  • Provide supporting evidence of your work; and
  • Provide referees from your sector.


If you are interested in applying for a Carclew QuickstART loan, you must:

Please note: All loan applications are subject to available funds. It is essential that you discuss your application with us prior to submission.

Banner image: a film crew made kneeling and standing together – Photo taken by Bec Taylor