WOMADelaide KidZone Workshops

For Children / History

A program of FREE culturally diverse and creative workshops for children aged 5-12 years which aim to encourage artistic talent and global understanding.

Each day at WOMADelaide featured a series of four excellent activities designed to stimulate and delight the children involved. Workshops were one hour in duration and started at 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 4pm and 5:15 daily.


Jianzi Shuttlecock (China/Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam) | Artist: Jack Hodges
Jianzi is the original hackysack invented in China during the Han Dynasty. It is common to see people playing Jianzi in the streets of places like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and China. In this workshop you will create your own jianzi using traditional and contemporary materials.

Palo de lluvia (Ecuador) | Artist: Tatiana Arellano
Using recycled cardboard tubes and found materials such as fabric scraps, paper and either rice/dried peas/beans, make your own rain stick, to enjoy soothing sounds and sick beats!

Sustainable Flower Crowns & Neck Adornments (Recycle) | Artist: Alise Hardy
Discover the beauty hidden in waste. In this workshop you will transform and recycle non-biodegradable rubbish, such as plastic bags, chocolate wrapper and chip packets, into colourful flowers and foliage before attaching them to your sustainable flower crown. Wear your creation with pride knowing that through exploring your own sustainable artistic practice you will be brightening the WOMADelaide experience.

Personal Shrine (India) | Artist: Zoe Freney
People across the world, belonging to many different religions, worship at small shrines in their homes. In India, these shrines often tell the stories of Hindu gods and goddesses. In this workshop you will be able to make your own personal shrine, which might tell the story of you or your family, and be decorated with fun, recycled materials and things that are special to you.

Tiny Dancers (Philippines) | Artist: Aida Azin
Create a Kalinga (Filipino)-inspired adornment to wear while you dance. Thread coloured pasta tubes through string following a set colour pattern to make a four-string necklace. Decorate the necklace with Posca markers. At the end of the workshop you will learn gestures used in traditional Filipino dance.

Worn Weaving (Global Sustainability/Environmental Awareness) | Artist: Brooke Goyne
Learn the popular and simple method of weaving! In this workshop you will a use variety of materials, from the more traditional yarn, to reeds, plastics or cut up material to cut, knot, thread, weave and create an original piece of work that can be hung on a wall, over a door knob or be worn around the neck.

Printed Bandanas (World) | Artist: Sally Heinrich
The word Bandana comes from a Hindi term, meaning to tie (from the tie-dying process) although their origin is uncertain. They have been worn by samurai warriors and kamikaze pilots, French chefs and pirates. Colourful bandana clothing is often worn during the vibrant carnival parades of Jamaica, where people dance in the street and party for days. You will design and make a four-sided wooden printing block, which you will then use to print a bandana you can wear.

World Travel Mobiles (World) | Artist: Tim Egerton
With air travel becoming more affordable, more and more people are able to experience new countries, cultures and places first hand. In this workshop you will construct mobiles made up of miniature planes and various world flags, which represent this growing connectedness.