Collaborative Music Education Program

Music Match

Carclew’s Music Match is piloting a model of collaboration that connects distinguished music organisations, disadvantaged primary schools, and philanthropic trusts, not just to each other but also to the vast opportunities, resources, and mutual benefits of their programmatic needs and organisational objectives.

Music Match was born from a desire to ensure our most disadvantaged primary schools are accessing the best music education opportunities available. The project began late in 2017 with a firm remit to scope the opportunities for collaboration within music education and then trial a program of delivery, to a sample of pilot schools catergorised as disadvantaged, across the 2018 school calendar.

The project seeks to demonstrate the value of specialist music education in South Australia’s disadvantaged primary schools, via a coordinated system of delivery. The heart of the concept is that no child should miss out on quality music education experiences because of social and/or economic disadvantage.

The benefits of musical learning go well beyond the development of language and reasoning. Children who play music demonstrate better auditory attention and can isolate patterns from surrounding noise. Pattern-recognition skills are vital for developing literacy and numeracy. Music Education also improves the development of spatial intelligence, a skill we need to perceive the world accurately and form mental pictures. Music enlivens our sensory receptors; it is asking for responses from more than our 'thinking'. Children exposed to musical learning have higher self-esteem and are better at developing emotional regulation skills. Both sides of the brain are exercised through learning music, strengthening vital neural pathways in young brains.

Music Match aims to:
•    Advocate the value of music education across the learning spectrum.
•    Work collaboratively, across government and community of practice, to demonstrate the value of embedding music education in the crucial learning years.
•    Improve access to important information by establishing an agile system that can respond to the unique music education and resource needs of specific schools.
•    Ensure that disadvantaged children receive fair access to music education opportunities.
•    Improve teacher confidence via excellent ‘teaching through music’ professional development.

Carclew is working with software developer, iNex, to build an online system that will absorb the burdens of back-line administration. A centralised place for music education programs: excursions; incursions; residencies; resources; data gathering capacities; and professional development opportunities for teachers and schools. It is envisioned that this ‘music education hub’ will allow schools to efficiently curate music education projects and programs specific to their needs.

Music Match stakeholders are committed to navigating music education impediments for disadvantaged schools and are dedicated to creating solutions that are responsive and appropriate. The leading stakeholders within the collaboration (so far) include:
•    SA’s flagship not for profit music organisations (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra; Adelaide Festival Centre; Musica Viva SA; Adelaide Youth Orchestras; Northern Sound System)
•    Dept. for Education (Instrumental Music Services; Primary Schools Festivals of Music)
•    Primary Schools (Alberton; Elizabeth Grove; Elizabeth South; Elizabeth Vale; Kaurna Plains; Fraser Park; Murray Bridge South; Mypolonga; Tailem Bend; Jervois)
•    Playford Music Pathways Partners (Playford International College; Northern Sound System; Playford Data Observatory; Instrumental Music Learning Pathways)
•    Central Advocates (Dr. Anita Collins: Neuromusical Educator; Emily Kelly: SA State Manager, Musica Viva Australia; Dr. Ali Elder: Research Specialist; Emily Gann: SA Council, Australian Society for Music Education; Geoff Day: Day Family Foundation)

The Music Match collaboration firmly believes that music education could play a game-changing role as a vital contributor to breaking the cycle of educational disadvantage.

Please check out these short and fabulous vids from two of our leading partners:
How playing an instrument benefits the brain (Anita Collins)
The benefits of Musica Viva SA residency programs


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Supported by the Day Family Foundation and the Kingston Sedgfield (Australia) Charitable Trust

If you or your organisation is interested in supporting Music Match to continue to deliver exceptional music education programs to disadvantaged schools, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss further.
Lucy Markey, Senior Manager, Marketing & Development
Email, Phone 08 8230 1118 / 0411 106 257

Web banner image: Music Match students at an exclusive masterclass with Tommy Emmanuel at the Adelaide Festival Centre for the Adelaide Guitar Festival