Creative Body-based Learning

In Schools

“Young people need the freedom to explore and develop identity, relationships and self-expression in the classroom. CBL generates creativity, providing skills to students and educators for an inclusive and transformative classroom.”  Year 5 Teacher.

Research shows that when children use their whole body to learn in a creative and active way, there is improved interest in learning, school attendance and student attitude, resulting in better learning outcomes and increased student resilience.

Creative Body-based Learning (CBL) is a professional development program for primary school teachers designed to integrate arts-based instruction to enhance student learning across the Australian Curriculum. Inspired by Drama-based Pedagogy (Dawson, 2018), CBL provides embodied and highly effective teaching strategies that directly increases positive student engagement to learning as well as develops critical and creative thinking.

Carclew’s CBL program introduces a teaching artist to collaborate with primary school teachers to utilise the arts to teach other subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Collaboration between the experienced teaching artist and classroom teacher builds teacher confidence and capacity to explore arts-based strategies.


Delivery Model 

Duration of the program is 1 Week and includes comprehensive training in CBL pedagogical strategies and in-classroom visits and support by CBL teaching artists.

Department for Education funded delivery prioritises Category 1-4 and regional/remote Department for Education primary schools.